Omorovicza? Om-more-oh-veet-za. Tricky to spell – and a little difficult to pronounce, unless you know how. But the reason for Omorovicza’s remarkable – and rapid – rise to prominence is really pretty simple; skincare products that actually work. Since launching almost ten years ago, Omorovicza has garnered numerous awards and won over 98.7% of beauty editors. Seriously though, absolutely everyone has their go-to Omorovicza pot of magical goodness.

omorovicza skincare review

And although Omorovicza is a relatively recent launch, the brand’s story goes back some 2,000 years. Plusthere’s a love affair and some Nobel Prize-winning scientists involved too – if you’re not intrigued and enchanted by  Omorovicza already, you must have a heart of stone! Of course, it goes without saying that it’s a completely independent skincare brand. Miraculous healing waters, cult face masks, exceptional antioxidants and supercharged skin spritzes – there’s a lot we like about Omorovicza. Here, the brand’s co-founder Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza tells all…

Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

What’s Omorovicza all about?

Omorovicza is about revealing new beauty – we do this by modernizing the benefits of Budapest’s magical healing waters and putting our unique twist on the Hungarian spa culture. The healing waters of Hungary have been celebrated for their medicinal and health benefits for 2,000 years. The Racz Spa in Budapest was built in the 1800’s by my husband Stephen’s family – the Omorovicza’s – on the site of a medieval healing spring.

racz spa

When Stephen and I first met, he took me to the Racz Spa and I was amazed at how quickly the mineral rich waters improved my bad skin. I started to find out more about the country’s beauty culture – I found out that the word SPA is derived from the Latin phrase “Sanitas Par Aqua” – meaning health through water.

Omorovicza cosmetics

Around this time, through my work as a Diplomat, I was introduced to a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian Laboratory of Dermatology which helped illuminate the benefits and potential of these amazing healing waters. It was our empirical observations, family tradition and a lucky meeting with talented innovators which formed the foundation of what is now Omorovicza.


Why did you set up Omorovicza and what were you doing before?

When Stephen and I met, I was the Chief of Staff to the Ambassador at the American Embassy in Budapest. When we met, we loved the idea of changing our lives to put something we loved doing together, at the centre of it. This was and is Omorovicza and it continues to be a beautiful adventure.

Omorovicza Cosmetics face masks


Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask was already a firm RIH favourite, so when the brand launched the Ultramoor Mud Mask we were excited to try out the latest supercharged skincare treatment. Akin to a five-star, luxury spa facial at home, the Ultramoor Mud Mask uses the brand’s signature Hungarian Moor Mud, combining this with Marine exopolysaccharides to purify skin while plumping lines and wrinkles. Simply put, it’s an instantly transformative treatment which takes less time to get to work than you’ll take to make a cup of tea. Generally masks only target one specific skin concern, but the Ultramoor Mud Mask ticks so many boxes – from deep-cleansing and exfoliating to brightening, firming and smoothing. It’s not a high street price tag, but a pot of this will last you ages – and it really does deliver all the benefits it promises.

ultramoor mud mask

Any hero products or ingredients?

Every Omorovicza product has a story and it usually starts with either a unique ingredient or an innovative way to deliver ingredients to the skin. An example of this is the thermal waters we use in all our products. When talking about water in skincare it is worth knowing that water makes up for a minimum of 60% of any skincare product in the world though it is typically inert – it has no benefits. With Omorovicza, we turn this 60% into a patented anti-aging ingredient.

Omorovicza anti-ageing skincare

Another example of this is the mud we use in our products – it is a precious resource and comes from the largest active thermal lake in the world. There are nutrients in our mud that you cannot find anywhere else and which improve the tone and texture of your skin. It is one of the reasons that our Thermal Cleansing Balm is a hero product.

omorovicza founders

One more example is our Queen of Hungary Mist which was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the world’s first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. We have updated the formula and it is a purifying and hydrating toner.

omorovicza Brightening Copper Peel

The one piece of beauty advice you tell everyone?

Use masks! These days, I use three different masks each week – Our Deep Cleansing Mask, a Gold Hydralifting Mask and our Brightening Copper Peel.

Who is the Omorovicza woman – or muse?

Someone who is empowered and empowering – who thinks that by doing, not just being, they discover their true beauty.

omorovicza skincare

Five favourite non-Omorovicza beauty products?

Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower perfume; Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate set, Chanel eye shadow in Safari, Nars lipstick in Afghan Red and Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray.

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What, yet another essential step to add to your skincare routine? Yes, we’re afraid that cleanse-tone-moisturise just doesn’t cut it these days. Did you know that Korean women typically have no less than ten steps in their daily routine, and they do have a reputation for truly amazing skin… In fact, applying an essence is at the heart of the Korean skincare routine, and Omorovicza’s Omoressence is proof that they definitely know their stuff. Essentially what an essence does is prep your skin for serum or moisturiser – making the treatment that really has an impact on your skin even more effective. Anti-ageing, hydrating and blemish-busting ingredients can penetrate even more deeply into your skin and get to work pronto. Long story short, Omoressence works. Skin is toned, smoothed, hydrated and soft – and serum absorbs almost instantly. The wonderfully aromatic scent of Omoressence is just gorgeous too – fresh, uplifting and luxurious.


What’s next from Omorovicza?

It’s our ten year anniversary this August and we are moving our Budapest Spa to our beautiful family building across from the Opera House in addition to opening our first London shop.

racz spa budapest

For more information, to shop the products and to find stockists, see the Omorovicza website. You can also follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter, or find them on Facebook here.