Standup comedy, enthralling real-life crime, feminist fun and HOUSE OF CARDS. There’s a lot to enjoy this month on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so pencil in some sofa time!

Sense & Sensibility – Netflix

A stellar cast including Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant, this Ang Lee-directed adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility is just as captivating now as it was when it was first released back in 1995. Sense & Sensibility is released on Netflix on May 1st.

American Gods – Amazon Prime

Another star-studded cast (including Ian McShane and Gillian Anderson), American Gods is based on a Neil Gaiman novel, so if you like all things fantasy, this will be right up your street. It’s already attracted comparisons with Game of Thrones, so prepare to get addicted by this epic show. American Gods is released on Amazon Prime on May 1st.

Maria Bamford: Old Baby – Netflix

Oddball comedian Maria Bamford is one of the freshest voices in standup today, and Old Baby will have you laughing out loud from the get-go. Maria Bamford: Old Baby is released on Netflix on May 2nd.

Anne – Netflix

Hands up if you were obsessed with the Anne of Greengables books? May sees our favourite redheaded orphan hit the small screen – it’s Anne with An E, if you please! Anne With An E is released on Netflix on May 12th.

I Love Dick – Amazon Prime

Adapted from Chris Kraus’s feminist bestseller, I Love Dick is crazy, funny and like nothing you’ll have seen before. Starring Kevin Bacon as the enigmatic Dick, this looks absolutely hilarious. I Love Dick is released on Amazon Prime on May 12th.

The Keepers – Netflix

If you loved Making A Murderer, you’ll definitely want to tune in and watch The Keepers: the true story of the 1969 murder of Baltimore nun Sister Cathy – who was allegedly about to reveal the truth about corruption in the church and the local police force. The Keepers is released on Netflix May 19th.

I Am Jane Doe – Netflix

Uncovering the shocking truth of child sex-trafficking in America, I Am Jane Doe is a devastating look at how high schoolers are being sold on adult site, and the fight to protect these victims. I Am Jane Doe is released on Netflix on May 23rd.

War Machine – Netflix

A made-for-Netflix movie starring a bleached-blond Brad Pitt as real-life American general Stanley A. McChrystal and his campaign in Afghanistan. A very black comedy about the politics of war? Yes, and must-see stuff! War Machine is released on Netflix on May 26th.

Toni Erdmann – Amazon Prime

A prize-winning German comedy that’s actually laugh-out-loud funny? Bonkers father-daughter comedy Toni Erdmann is absolutely hilarious – and was nominated for a foreign film Oscar earlier this year. Toni Erdmann is released on Amazon Prime on May 29th.

House of Cards: Season Five – Netflix

Oh the Underwoods and their political shenanigans – can they get any worse? OF COURSE is the answer to that question! After a cliffhanger closed Season Four of House of Cards, the scheming White House goings-on are just as brilliantly ruthless as always. House of Cards: Season Five is released on Netflix on May 30th.