Fashion documentaries, Oscar-winning movies and tense historical thrillers – there’s a LOT to love on Netflix and Amazon Prime this June. When you’re not sunning yourself with a chilled glass of something, make time to curl up on the sofa this month as there’s some real gems upcoming!

The First Monday in May – Netflix

The ultimate fashion documentary, The First Monday in May chronicles the organisation of one of the industry’s biggest events: The Met Ball. Of course, Anna Wintour is as bonkers as you’d expect, and it’s a lavish, visual treat packed full of OTT glamour. The First Monday in May is released on Netflix on June 1st.

The Salesman – Amazon Prime

The winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, The Salesman is a powerful portrait of male-female relationships in middle class, modern day Tehran. A wronged wife, and a husband trying to track down her attacker, it’s uncomfortable but fascinating viewing. The Salesman is released on Amazon Prime on June 1st.

Blue Velvet – Netflix

Weird, mesmerising and very, very watchable, David Lynch’s conspiracy-thriller is typical of his small town Americana meets all-out crazy style. Blue Velvet is eye-wateringly violent but somehow hynotising – and definitely worth a rewatch. Blue Velvet is released on Netflix on June 1st.

Orange Is The New Black – Netflix

Season FIVE! Yep, everyone’s favourite female inmates are back for another season of high jinks. There’s protests, politics, feminism, and fighting – and lots of laughs! Orange Is The New Black is released on Netflix on June 9th.

A Clockwork Orange – Amazon Prime

Adapted from Anthony Burgess’ seminal 1962 novel and directed by Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange transports us to a dystopian near-future world, where Alex and his gang of thugs conduct a reign of ultra-violent terror. Not pretty, but certainly one to make you think. A Clockwork Orange is released on Amazon Prime on June 14th

Anthropoid – Netflix

Jamie Dornan AND Cillian Murphy? We’re there. Sorry sorry, casual sexism aside, Anthropoid looks really rather good. Set in 1942 Prague, the pair play spies resisting Nazi rule and intent on assassinating one of the men responsible for the Final Solution – expect nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action to keep you gripped until the end. Anthropoid is released on Netflix on June 15th.

GLOW – Netflix

Nope, this isn’t about radiant foundation – GLOW actually stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! Inspired by the true stories of women’s wrestling during the 1980’s, GLOW will have you cheering along, not to mention get you thinking about feminism, equality and sport. GLOW is released on Netflix on June 23rd.

Okja – Netflix

You might have heard about a film being booed at the recent Cannes Film Festival. Okja was it. And the controversy? Okja was produced for Netflix. Oh come ON, really? Old school Cannes audiences aside, this South Korean fantasy stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lily Collins in what looks like a truly enchanting – and otherworldly – tale. Okja is released on Netflix on June 28th.

David Lynch: The Art Life

What with Blue Velvet plus the new series of Twin Peaks, David Lynch seems to having a bit of a moment. This documentary delves into his early years in small town USA, and the events that served to shape his understanding of creativity, music, art and cinema. David Lynch: The Art Life is released on Amazon Prime on June 29th.

Gypsy – Netflix

Naomi Watts stars in Gypsy as a therapist who becomes a little too intimate with her patients – what could possibly go wrong? A tense, psychological thriller, Watts is most definitely on her A-game in this series. Gypsy is released on Netflix on June 30th.