Do you have a devastating sense of style that would turn Anna Piaggi’s head or inspire John Galliano to seek you out for his next muse? Do you scrutinise the pictures on Face Hunter or The Sartorialist and think “Hmm…she has great style, I’d like to know more about her”?

Mystyle takes the snappers off the streets and puts the camera in your hands.


Photo by Georgie D'Albiac Brewin

Name: Lana McDee

Job: Contemporary Cowgirl. Singer, songwriter, guitarist. Frontwoman with The Laylanas.

Where did you buy your outfit?

The dress is from Starfish, a vintage shop in The Lanes in Brighton, where I live. My boots are from there too. The jacket’s from Oxfam in Muswell Hill and my bangles were all given to me by different friends.

Who or what inspires you?

Oh, man! I’m inspired by anything! I think it’s good to be eclectic. I’m a big fan of Vivienne Westwood. I try and mimic that, the eccentricity, matching anything from anywhere. Oh, and Bob Dylan. I spent a long time trying to wear his look, his male-ness, but in the end I decided to give in to more feminine ways and got the Stevie Nicks thing going on.

Where do you shop?

Charity shops are my mainstay. They’re cheaper as well, which of course is… I stopped shopping in high street shops ages and ages and ages ago: I don’t want to walk down the street, looking like everyone else! Brighton’s really good for second hand and charity shops. The stuff they have is always really original, much more so than London, where I grew up. Lewes (15 minutes east of Brighton) has an amazing second hand shop called The Needlemakers, with loads of theatre costumes and amazing stuff like that.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Bob Dylan, always, and a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush. Newer stuff? Quite honestly, over the passed month or so I’ve been buried in the band, with my ears closed to everything but the band’s stuff. We’re heading out to Spain to record and make a video in a week’s time, so I’ve been totally absorbed in our own sound. That sounds so narcissistic…

Dream purchase?

The amazing, so expensive, rare edition Gretsch guitar with dice for tuning pegs that I saw in GAK [Brighton based music store]. It’s £20,000.

Favourite bar, and why?

That’s a duff ask. I don’t drink alcohol, so that question’s wasted on me. Wherever my friends are, is that okay to say?

Desert island book?

Oh my god…I’m a big reader…umm, you know what, I love the ‘Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. I love books about spirits and stuff, Doris Stokes’s stuff especially, I love all that. Or anything by Paulo Coehlo.

Where’s the last place you visited?

What, like literally? The florist down the road. If you mean got-on-a-train-and-went-somewhere, that would be Camden. Or if you mean got on a plane with an ‘abroad’ at the end of the flight path, then that would be Marakesh. Marakesh is the most amazing place for jewellery.

Do you think you are cool?

No. Awkward’s a far better way to describe me! Hang on, I’ll retract that because ‘cool’ to me is anyone who’s comfortable in and with themselves, and I am so, yeah. Quirkiness is cool.

Can you run in heels?

I bloody can. It’s kind of my trademark. Incidentally, the other day I played one of those old school, antique fortune teller thingies like the one in that Tom Hanks film, ‘Big’. The last bit of the card said “You can go far in life, if only you wore sensible shoes.” Yes, I’m a runner in heels.

Lana fronts country noir outfit The Laylanas