Do you have a devastating sense of style that would turn Anna Piaggi’s head or inspire John Galliano to seek you out for his next muse? Do you scrutinise the pictures on Face Hunter or The Sartorialist and think “Hmm…she has great style, I’d like to know more about her”?

Mystyle takes the snappers off the streets and puts the camera in your hands.

selfportrait tshirt the shoesName: Crapaud Mademoiselle

Job: Fashion photographer

Where did buy your outfit?

I bought the t-shirt at Chezlegrandbag, a store in Reims (France). It’s the t-shirt of a French band (and a friend of mine) called The Shoes.

Who or what inspires you?

I worship the film Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski. Lots of fashion designers too such as YSL (Stefano Pilati), Jean Paul Knott, Christophe Lemaire, Kris Van Assche, Dries Van Noten, Charles Anastase, Alexis Mabille, Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf, Nicolas Andreas Taralis and a young shoe designer: Annabel Winship. Stuff such as lights, colours, and also fairy tales are a real source of inspiration for me too.

Where do you shop?

Everywhere! At Chezlegrandbag in Reims; in vintage shops, showrooms, and the Marais in Paris.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Kasabian’s last album is amazing but I’m a Silver Apples fan, j’adore !

Dream purchase?

A studio at the top of a ski run.

Favourite bar, and why?

I don’t like bars.

Desert island book?

A Roland Barthes’ book, perhaps Mythologies. I can read and reread his books

Where’s the last place you visited?

Brussels. I love this town; I lived there for two years.

Do you think you are cool?

Cool as in fashionable? On a daily basis I don’t think so, except maybe for shoes. I do collect clothes but I think of them as props for photos. I don’t pay much attention to what I wear everyday. I put on whatever pair of jeans or t-shirt that comes to hand, but it’s true that I am very selective when it comes to shoes, especially pink shoes!

Can you run in heels?

Of course ! I’m always wearing heels.