Marvellous Miss Chievous

Julia is also known as MissChievous, a self-taught makeup artist who creates makeup and beauty tutorials on Youtube, as well as writing her own beauty blog. She had been interested in makeup art for a few years and was very active on online makeup forums such as where she posted looks and tutorials and interacted with other makeup fiends. Due to the response she received on Specktra and that she felt that still pictures were limiting, she decided to start uploading to Youtube. In May 2008 she uploaded her first live video tutorial to Youtube, using only a very basic webcam.

Julia says “It took a while for me to feel comfortable with the idea of putting myself out there like that, but now, nearly a year later, it feels very natural and normal. I got more serious about it when I realized that my audience was quickly growing, and I invested in better lighting and a new camera to improve the quality of my videos.”

Her largest surge of subscribers was in October 2008 when she uploaded Halloween makeup tutorials, and she plans to do lots more of these this year.

Julia is of Swiss and Canadian dual nationality and decided to relocate to Switzerland in 2006 having finished studying in Canada. She says “It truly makes my day when I hear that my videos helped someone feel more confident with their makeup application and ultimately boosted their self-esteem!”

Have you always wanted to be a makeup artist?

Considering I am not currently a working makeup artist, no. I have a University education but I often wonder what it would be like doing makeup as my living. The problem is of course making a decent income from the trade, like any artist.

How did you get to where you are today and would you do anything differently?

I taught myself entirely, and no, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Who helped you along the way?

Not really any single person, but I learned a lot of tips and tricks for doing makeup from, and Youtube.

“Corpse Bride” look for Halloween

Who inspires you?

I’d have to say Pat McGrath, who is a top makeup artist in the fashion world. What I love about her work is the diversity of her looks, and the fact that she is also self-taught. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to attend beauty school to become an inspired and successful makeup artist. I think talent, creativity and personal drive trump a formal education in makeup anyday.


I am inspired by a lot of different sources – editorials in fashion magazines, different time periods, movie actresses and other celebrities, online makeup forums and communites and even other things like artwork.

What do you think is the biggest problem in Swiss society today and what is the most positive thing?

Overall I think I am pretty lucky to live in a country that has such a high standard of living, has a very democratic and transparent political system, and where everything is so clean and runs efficiently. So I think I shouldn’t really complain too much. If I had to pinpoint one problem in Swiss society it would be the anti-foreigner movement of the political right, and in Europe in general.

Do you feel Swiss, Canadian, European or something else entirely?!

I definitely feel Canadian because I grew up there and went to school for many years there and I think the main years of building my social skills was in Canada. But I have lived here in Switzerland for many years, and reside here permanently now, so I have integrated into the Swiss lifestyle and culture. So I guess I’m a mix of both, and anyhow I possess both passports so I don’t have to choose one or the other!

3D Smokey eyes look – one of our favourites!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I really like the Swiss singer-songwriter Sophie Hunger at the moment, she’s just on the brink of becoming famous internationally and everyone should check out her latest album. I also love French singer-songwriter Pauline Croze, and I’ve always had a penchant for electronic music. My favorite electronic artists are Burial, Trentemoeller, and Akufen.

What couldn’t you live without?

Love. Definitely love.

Dream purchase?

A winning lottery ticket to the Euro Millions jackpot. That’s like asking for more wishes from the Genie! Then I’d purchase a beautiful country house in Tuscany. I love it there.

Favourite movie?

I don’t have a single one, but I really enjoy documentaries and independent films. If I had to pick one single film, I’d have to go with War Photographer because it changes how you look at the world. It makes you more aware of global issues such as war, poverty, and discrimination, and makes your own problems seem so insignificant.

Favourite European city and why?

I probably have to go with Paris. I’ve been there 3 times now and I really just love the atmosphere there, the delicious food and the romance of the city. Barcelona is also great, as is Berlin, even London has its appeal. But I really, really love the French Provence and Tuscany in Italy a lot, even though those aren’t cities.

Desert island book?

Tough one! I’d say The Neverending Story because you can read it over and over again and it will always keep your fantasies going.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I don’t know, I’d just like to be happy with wherever I’ll be at, I don’t really plan the future.

Can you run in heels?

Barely, although I’m definitely more of a flat-shoes girl!

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Julia would like to thank all her subscribers and viewers!