It’s hard not to spot a Michael Kors ad; they’re all prominent bronzed goddesses in glossy, upmarket magazines. It’s Miami. It’s cocktails. It’s private jets. Essentially, it’s the golden motherload. Now the designer has upped the glamour even further with his first permanent make-up collection. And it’s going to be equally lustrous and lusted after, not only for the exquisite colours and beautiful textures, but for possibly for some of the most covetable packaging on the planet.

Michael Kors Sexy Sporty Glam

The collection is divided sleekly into three, with a range of colours designed reflect and enhance your current (or pervasive) mood: Sexy, Sporty and Glam. There are two nail shades, one lipstick, one lip gloss and a bronzer for each, and the colours have been meticulously matched to each line. Sexy is based around an evocative palette of red and fuchsia pink; Sporty is fresh, elegant and ideal for those who prefer neutral, fleshy tones; and Glam ranges from a daring damson lipstick to a wicked jet black polish. For fragrance fans, there’s a complementary scent to further your Sexy/Sporty/Glam feeling too.

michael kors beauty collection

This being Michael Kors though, the hero of the range has to be the bronzers: huge, sleek and impossibly shiny compacts that hold a featherlight powder, which blends softly over the cheeks, temples and anywhere the sun would catch, giving a glossy, groomed radiance. There’s a hint of shimmer (as there is with most of the range) but it works to illuminate the skin rather than make it sparkle – remember, this is grown-up glamour. And with prices maxing at £34, this is first class make-up with out the first class price tag.

Michael Kors’ beauty collection is available to buy online here.