Can you be a feminist and love lipstick? Most definitely. Can you be an intelligent, successful woman and enjoy eye liner? Hell, yes! Is it possible to be passionately interested in experimental theatre/globalisation/chess/sculpture AND cream blusher? YES! And don’t let anyone tell you any different. Let’s just take a moment, and embrace the transformative power that makeup can have.

Max Factor’s #BeMoreYou campaign in partnership with Boots celebrates makeup’s glamorous, confidence-boosting power – in making you the very best version of you. You may be the surviving-on-three-hours of sleep Mama on the school run, but come Saturday night – courtesy of a glowing complexion, sexy smudge of charcoal liner and a slick of lipgloss – you might just have stepped off the Paris catwalks.


Or perhaps you managed to snooze through your (multiple) alarms and realised that you’re late for work on that most crucial day. One train ride and a hasty concealer-blusher-mascara-powder application later, and yes, you’re convincing your boss exactly why you deserve a pay rise and a promotion. Can a touch of glamour boost your confidence and help you achieve your dreams? It can certainly make a difference.


Thanks to their expert make-up artists, Max Factor wants to help women identify their best features – be it their eyes, cheeks or lips – showing them how to make the most of these and #bemoreyou. Max Factor believes that make-up shouldn’t mask a face, but transform it. How will you #bemoreyou today?

This feature is created in collaboration with Max Factor.