The annual limited edition collection by Jo Malone, that most quintessential of British perfume brands, has come to mark something of an event in the fragrance aficionado’s calendar. Last year, the bold and rather spectacular Rock The Ages line was based around historical periods such as the Tudor era. For 2016, it’s the aromas of an unmistakably British herb garden that have been chosen for celebration.

The Herb Garden Jo Malone

Each of The Herb Garden scents is based around a pairing of plants chosen for their deliciously fresh, green and earthy qualities. The result of this ‘aromatic artistry’ is a collection of colognes that includes some that feel comfortingly familiar, while others are a pleasant surprise.

the herb garden perfume

As with all Jo Malone fragrances, the scents are designed to be unisex, but the most masculine is Lavender & Coriander, which is clean and modern with a touch of warmth coming from added tonka bean. Sorrel & Lemon Thyme is sparkling, uplifting and bright with any sharpness softened by geranium petals and moss. Nasturtium & Clover – deemed the most universal and so best for the brand’s trademark fragrance combining – is slightly warm and spicy thanks to the addition of rocket, but includes a floral hit of jasmine.

Jo Malone The Herb Garden

Wild Strawberry & Parsley has the sweetness of berries cut with a fresh, green infusion of violet and parsley leaves. And Carrot Blossom & Fennel – probably the most unusual of the cache – is rich and sweet with notes of rose and orange flower that elevate it from smelling earthy into being something really quite elegant.

jo malone limited edition 2016

The limited edition packaging is equally enticing. Each cologne is presented a 30ml bottle of transparent, cool green glass, beautifully engraved with one of its herbal ingredients. Time to take the aromatics out of the kitchen?

The limited edition Herb Garden collection from Jo Malone is available to buy online here.