Last week, some of the most beautiful bloggers in all the land tottered over to the M.A.C store in Kensington, to indulge their inner child with the launch M.A.C’s new Venomous Villains range, inspired by some of Disney’s iconic characters, who managed the commendable task of being evil and looking chic at the same time!

M.A.C's very villainous looks for Cruella deVil and Maleficent...

Most prominent in the collection is one of Disney’s most famous villains of all – Cruella DeVil of 101 Dalmatians fame. Back in the day, I must have been the only child to have slightly sympathised with her (a Dalmatian coat would have looked fabulous, but obviously there’s the ‘nice coat/cute puppies remain alive’ dilemma to contend with…) Aside from Cruella, the range also features The Evil Queen (apparently that’s what she was christened!) from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and newcomer Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog – although why The Rescuers’ dastardly diamond-fetishist Madame Medusa was overlooked for the range is something I’ll never be able to understand!

The event saw senior make-up artist Debbie Finnegan channel the spirit of Cruella through the model, as she recreated the look with a giant grey quiff, smoky copper De-Vil Eye Shadow, feathery false eyelashes, bright red Heartless Lipstick with a slick of Wicked Ways Lipglass to finish. The end result was breathtaking and definitely not a look for the faint hearted! Afterwards we all took turns in donning that famous fur coat (which had no suspicious Dalmatian spots I might add!) and received a Polaroid snap as a souvenir of our ‘moment of evil.’

So why did M.A.C choose to focus on Disney’s villains as opposed to its heroines? “Well it’s great to be sweet and lovely and kind, of course, but it’s more interesting to be a little naughty, isn’t it?” explains M.A.C’s SVP and Creative Director James Gager, “Everybody loves a villain and wants to take a bite from the forbidden fruit from time to time!”

How did M.A.C go about creating the range? “Disney was kind enough to provide us with Pantones of actual colours used when drawing these characters throughout their history, so we were able to know the colours of everything, from the actual shade of Cruella’s lips to the lining of her coat,” explains VP Product Development Jennifer Balbier. “Cruella De Vil and The Evil Queen have a “real woman” shade palette, so we went with trends we’ve seen recently such as vibrant red lips. Maleficent is more surreal though – that’s where we put in a lot of crazy purples, blackened shades and beautiful pearlised nails.”

Highlights from the collection include the new product Magically Cool Liquid Powder, part of the Dr. Facilier range – a shimmering face powder that brightens up skin beautifully without creating that dreaded “pancake” affect, as a lot of powders are wont to do. Others include Maleficent’s hypnotic purple eye shadow duo in My Dark Magic/ She Who Dares and The Evil Queen’s Toxic Tales Lipstick.

And who said Snow White was the fairest of them all?!

The limited edition collection is available to buy on the M.A.C website.