eyelash 4Long lashes ooze femininity and sexiness. Complement them with a dusting of shimmering eye shadow, articulately applied liner and a coating of stay-proof mascara, and you can be sure your peepers will really pop— bambi-style.

But what if you’re not blessed with enviably long lashes? After all, there’s only so much that your telescopic, high definition or illusionist mascaras will do. The answer: fake it with false eyelashes.

In the 1960s, icons such as Dusty Springfield and Twiggy brought false eyelashes to the fashion fore, while nowadays the likes of Girls Aloud are leading the way, with the popstrels reportedly running through 145 sets of false lashes on their Tangled Up tour last year alone. The girls even launched their own eyelash range by Eylure, proving the popularity of falsies among us short-eyelashed mortals.

Here’s Running in Heels lowdown on false eyelashes.

The good…

● Achieve the look you want, come day or night. You can trim the length and width of fake eyelashes to create a subtle, voluminous look for work or a full-on dramatic result for hitting the town.

● They’re reusable – perfect for easing the burden on your purse strings. Visit Sephora or Boots for a purse-friendly selection of lashes.

● For professional quality eyelashes, you can’t beat MAC and Shu Uemura. MAC stock a huge range of lashes whether you’re going for the natural look or want a more dramatic style. You can also buy packs on individual lashes if you’re really nervous about adding a whole fringe to your lashline! If you would rather let the professionals do their magic, Shu Uemura’s famous Tokyo Lash Bars (check the site for details of one near you) are a great idea.

● From chalky pastels to rainbow-bright psychedelics – they come in every colour imaginable – making them a must-have item to complete your party look. Check out My Divas Closet or Body Jewellery Shop for a few ideas.

● Falsies are fun. If you’re looking to add a hint of glamour to your look, why not try false eyelashes with crystals, glitter, stars or feathered tips? They can even come with shiny metallic corners for a futuristic vibe.

The bad…

eyelash 3

● False eyelashes can be difficult to apply. Positioning them as close to your natural lash line, using just the right amount of glue (without getting any in your eyes), and holding the lashes in place to set properly can be a tad tricky.

● They can come unstuck – before your want them to. The last thing you want is for your lashes to peel off, but if you’re not careful when touching your eyes – or haven’t applied them properly – you run the risk of losing them at an untimely moment.

● Forgetting to clean your face before hitting the pillow isn’t the only beauty faux-pas… false eyelashes should be removed as well before you hit slumbersville.


● Just like your natural lashes, falsies can benefit from a lick of mascara. Combing the mascara through also helps to blend them in with your real lashes. But don’t be overly generous with your wand – you don’t want scary, spider-like eyes!

● Don’t overdo the eyeshadow: keep your make-up simple and let your fluttering new lashes make their own statement.

● If you’ve ever looked closely at adverts promoting eye make-up, you’ll notice that perfectly applied eyeliner can make a huge difference; so team your lashes with thinly applied inky-black liner, or a smoky grey kohl pencil smudged along the top and bottom lash lines to maximise impact.eyelash 1

● Also, an eyelash curler won’t go amiss – it’ll give your falsies that au naturale curve.

The alternative…

● If the DIY route to applying lashes doesn’t appeal then there is another option: professionally applied lash extensions. These are ideal for those who want alluring lashes 24/7, although it must be said that they are a little pricey.

● On the plus side, not only do they look and feel natural, they’ll last for a few months, falling out naturally with your own lashes.

● You can have them applied along your full lash line, or to really up the wow factor, have them applied from the outer corner of your eyes, half-way along to the middle to create real contrast. Xtreme Lashes is one of the most popular brands and their website lists certified professionals near you.