Busy women can find it difficult to squeeze in the time to pick up dry cleaning these day,  never mind indulging in day-long spa sessions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on looking lovely – make the most of your lunch hour with one of these beautifying treatments.

Blink Bar Lash Extensions


"Blink" and you'll have missed it!

Blink’s lash extensions are a miracle. It does take an hour to have each set fitted, however it is worth it, if a) You make a dog’s dinner out of doing it yourself, and b) You find it far too finicky to glue individual, tiny lashes to your own natural set.

It also means for nearly two weeks (most last an average of 10 – 14 days) you won’t have to fit your own lashes or apply mascara, saving you ample time in the mornings and before nights out.

Blink’s clever brow bars also offer threading, eyelash tint, waxing and massages. Lash extensions cost from £60. Blink Brow Bars are available at Selfridges, Fenwick and Harvey Nichols. To find your nearest concession, visit www.blinkbrowbar.com

Breakfast Blow Dry at Jo Hansford

As you may have spotted from the title, this isn’t strictly a lunchtime treatment; it is however quick, professional and carried out by one of London’s top hair specialists. Jo Hansford in London’s exclusive Mayfair has specifically created the ‘Breakfast Blow Dry’ for time-poor women who want to squeeze in some pampering. This fabulous offer includes an on-the-go breakfast along with your wash and blow dry, all for £35. The treatment lasts for 40 minutes and is available from 8am, Mondays to Fridays. To make an appointment call the Jo Hansford salon in London’s Mayfair on 020 7495 7774. www.johansford.com


Yes, this machine will turn you into a bronzed beach babe. No, cocktails are not included.

‘VersaSpa Magic’ Tan

The VersaSpa tan is so quick and simple, there must be a catch? Nope. There isn’t one as it also lasts for just about one week, giving an even coverage to the whole body. If you haven managed to catch a few rays this summer, this is the ideal solution. Plus it won’t damage your skin either.

VersaSpa benefits from being the world’s first automated tanning system, and the treatment helps you bronze and hydrate to achieve smoother skin. Stepping into a private tanning machine, the booth “asks” the tanner to get into position following the step-by-step instructions on the wall. The machine will do an initial moisturiser spray, a ‘dry’ spray to dry the lotion, followed by the tan and to finish a final ‘dry’ spray to leave the tan even and dry before continuing with your day.

VersaSpa Magic Tan is offered at Urban Retreat Manchester, £25 per session, www.urbanretreat.co.uk

Teeth Whitening

If you’re prepared to dig that little bit deeper for your midday beauty binge, teeth whitening is a good choice. Teeth can become discoloured by age, from tobacco use and from staining food and drink, such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

Fortunately, most cosmetic dentistry clinics can remove stains using the latest technology. Many clinics use a cold light system which activates the whitening solution that is applied to the teeth, making the process quick and easy. After several minutes, the light shuts off, the whitening solution is taken off, fresh solution is applied, and the whitening light is turned on again. This is often repeated a few times.


Luxurious pampering with Carol Joy at the Dorchester: better than a sandwich!

The whitening process is not painful; no lasers, drills or needles are used and it takes just under one hour. On the downside, if you’re thinking about indulging in a little after-work Pinot Noir, hold that thought. It is imperative that you avoid red wine once you’ve had your teeth whitened, at least for a couple of days afterwards. Gin and tonic, white wine and vodka are allowed on the other hand…

The cost of teeth whitening varies from clinic to clinic, usually costing upwards of £300. Carnaby Street Dental offer teeth whitening, visit www.carnabystreetdentist.co.uk

The Carol Joy London Precision Facial

Following ten years of research and three years of development, Carol Joy London is a new luxury British brand. The Precision Facial lasts for 40 minutes – perfect for a one hour lunch break or quick after work boost, and costs £75. This treatment is ideal for those with limited time requiring the best results and focuses on the exclusive boost and seal patches. Enjoy a face sculpturing massage while deeply moistening patches dissolve into the skin, boosting cellular activity and sealing in the benefits for lasting results. Skin is immediately rejuvenated and radiant.

To book call The Dorchester Spa on 020 7319 7109. www.thedorchester.com/dorchester-spa