The so-called party season is officially over. This month you’ll find us slurping down green juices, adding kale to every meal and generally feeling quite hair shirty in order to atone for festive excess and overindulgence. But we might just have considered booking a detox had it not been for Korres’ magnificent Party Survival Gift Set.

korres party survival set

People seem to think that gift sets are reserved for Christmas and birthdays, but we’re going to let you into a little secret: any time of year is a good moment to give yourself a little something – if you deserve it! And dedicated hard-partying ways most certainly merit this bunder of wonder from Korres. In reality, you’re unlikely to confine your parties to the festive season only (right?!) so the Party Survival Gift Set is actually very useful 24/7/365. Five beautifully-scented natural products to mask the scent of gin make you feel like a human being again. What could be better?

korres party set

Skincare-wise, say au revoir to the slap with refreshing, energising White Tea Cleanser, and follow up with a deeply hydrating brightening Wild Rose moisturiser. Then bring body and mind back to life with an invigorating blast of Guava Shower Gel and zingy Basil Lemon Fresh Tones Body Milk. There’s also an Aloe and Dittany Shampoo so you have no excuse for hangover hair… Buy this now and keep it somewhere safe for when the party spirit returns!

The Korres Party Survival Gift Set is available to buy online via Debenhams.