missworldWho Are They?

London-based brand jojo&malou consists of Jojo Ericson and Malou Palmqvist, both of whom are originally from Sweden. The fashion-forward pair met eight years ago during a course at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. They both worked for other designers after university, but always planned to collaborate on a collection. In 2005 they put their fashion sense and artistic talent together to create a collection for the famous Fashion Fringe Competition. They have since been commissioned by Elle, Topshop, Dazed Japan, Crystal Ball and Modette.

The Look:

Jojo&malou are known for their use of colourful, graphic prints and unique themes. During the recent Stockholm Fashion Week they showcased their collection, “Peace Out, Miss World”, which simultaneously served as fashion and a commentary on beauty competitions. The garments featurd prints of palm trees, trumpets, and trophies. The outfits conjured up the emotions of disappointment and joy that come with the territory of beauty pageants.

Earlier this year their spring/summer 2009 collection, “Private Eyes” was inspired by Sherlock Holmes-style detective shows and embodied mysterious ‘60s chic. For their Autumn/Winter 2009 jojo and maloucollection, jojo&malou opted for 1920’s-inspired styles with an edge. Think playful prints, pleated skirts, fancy hats, and even a sequin belt. The ensembles have been described as “perfect for dancing a 21st century Charleston into the early hours”. Other collection themes have ranged from funfair freaks to rock ‘n’ roll in the woods to Pippi Longstocking. How do they come up with such eclectic ideas? “We do a lot of research into interesting people, art, film and fashion. From what we find, we build our own little world that we then recreate in our prints and shapes and from which we ‘feel’ the collection,” the designers said during a recent interview.

The Buzz:

Since 2005 jojo&malou have twice won a New Generation sponsorship allowing them to participate in London Fashion Week. They were also awarded the Swedish Elle Award for Best New Designer.

Where to Buy It:

http://www.catwalkgenius.com and http://www.farfetch.com

Check the designers’ site for news, photographs of past collections and details on where you can buy their pieces. www.jojoandmalou.com

Handshake Heartbreak HD from Jojo & Malou on Vimeo.