Did you know that 75% of women in the UK end up in one of the five ‘C’ professions? That’s Catering, Caring, Cashiering, Cleaning and Clerical. And if you’ve ever worked in any of those areas, you’ll know that… nope, they’re really not the most interesting – or well paid – sectors to be doing your 9-5 in. So how can we change things? It starts at the very beginning – in schools. Could you pledge one hour a year to volunteer and talk to girls in UK schools about what you do?

Whether you run your own company, work for a big corporate, have just started out with an apprenticeship or fit your career in around looking after your kids, your work and life experiences could inspire girls to aim higher. By summer 2015, the Inspiring Women campaign wants to see 15,000 women from a wide range of occupations going into state schools, talking to 250,000 young women. All you need to do is sign up online, fill in a few details and get involved. If we really want things to change, it starts with us.

To find out more, see the Inspiring Women website.