babysoapOf all the bizarre, almost pointless websites out there, is fairly high up on the list. The site is essentially a mix between social networking, consumer culture and products that you’ll never see anywhere other than joke shops.

The idea is that members can sign up and post items that they want to share with other users, and a link to where it can be purchased.  You’re invited to comment and give your thoughts, even vote on how much you like it.  The idea is to find out “is this product ‘like totally loved’ or not?”

Products on iliketotallyloveit range from furniture, fashion and, wait for it, spacesuits!  Some of the website’s more unique products include shower gel dispensers shaped like giants’ noses, hand soap shaped like suspiciously realistic baby hands (tagline: “Take things literally and this is what you get”) and a suspension light in the shape of a noose.

However, iliketotallyloveit has more to offer than just naff Christmas present ideas.  Along side the suicidal room lighting and soapy baby hands, there is the chance to put up items that are more than half serious for discussion.  Shirts from Urban Outfitters make appearances, as do a good few pairs of Jimmy Choos.  If you ever need friendly advice (or just abject criticism), this site is probably the place to go.  Alternatively, for those wanting presents for awkward relatives, or for light relief when you’re bored at work, you’ll find no better website.