Fêted for their commitment to potent and ethically sourced ingredients, Cotswolds-based, aptly-dubbed ‘beyond organic’ beauty company ila have long had a loyal army of fans devoted to their sumptuous blends, from the brightening Glowing Radiance range to the uplifting Vital Energy bodycare line, not to mention the menu of treatments that leave it difficult to climb off the couch. Now ila are working that magic again with Gold Cellular Age-Restore, a new anti-ageing range that retains the active formulas and addictive scents at the heart of the company’s DNA, but adds hi-tech into the mix for turbo-charged results.

Gold Cellular Age-Restore

The four-strong collection targets inflammation within the skin that speeds up the ageing process by attacking the collagen and elastin fibres that keep it firm. By reducing this inflammation at a cellular level, the complexion looks fresher, smoother and is less prone to sagging, as skin is encouraged to behave in a more youthful way. The formulas took three years to create as not only was some of the technology needed – such as cold emulsification – was yet to be invented, but creator Denise Leicester teamed up with specialist researchers to take known youth-boosting ingredients and push them to another level.

The stellar ingredient line-up include a extract of frankincense from Ethiopia that stimulates skin cells to heal themselves, a trio of golds to extract toxins and boost collagen production, plus a vegetable hyaluronic acid that splits when pushed into the skin but reconstitutes itself on contact with water for a super plumping effect.

ila spa gold skincare

The regime starts with the heady jasmine Cleanser that has an oil-cream consistency ideal for thoroughly massaging into the skin, followed with a spritz of uplifting orange blossom Toner, which transforms the cleanser into a silky milk that’s easy to rinse or wipe off. Next comes the hero product – a Serum that can be used with a specially designed Sonic Wave Therapy tool, which gently vibrates to push the creamy fluid deep into the skin and also boasts light settings including red to boost the collagen production even more. Top it off with the Face Cream that despite being incredibly rich, absorbs at speed and leaves behind a satin finish, ensuring even oilier skins will benefit.

Even after just one outing it’s clear what a potent complexion-booster Gold Cellular Age-Restore is. The skin feels beautifully soft and is visibly plumped up skin while I highly recommend the sonic tool for massaging in your serum to give a more contoured finish to the face (it helps drain puffiness too). Add to this the nothing-short-of-heavenly scent and it’s a skin package that your face won’t stop thanking you for.

ila spa Gold Cellular Age-Restore

The ila Gold Cellular Age-Restore collection is available exclusively at Harrods.