For anyone who has ever got out of the shower and thought: “Wow, I really cannot be bothered to moisturise” – this product is for you. And for anyone who has ever waited around, wafting themselves and willing their moisturiser to sink ASAP, this is for you too. Obviously, we all know the myriad benefits of hydrating daily – it ensures skin stays toned, supple and smooth, keeps cellulite and stretch marks at bay and generally just means that your body looks healthy, nourished and soft. If you’re too lazy to moisturise, Hyaluronic Body Mist is here – and it’s pretty much the answer to your prayers.

Hyaluronic Body Mist

A product from innovative beauty magicians Deciem’s Hand Chemistry brand, Hyaluronic Body Mist uses same next-generation technology across the range. The result? Highly-effective products that really perform. Forget heavy, rich or greasy body creams – this is the antithesis of pretty much everything you’ve ever known about moisturising. Rather than something that sits on the surface of your skin, Hyaluronic Body Mist absorbs almost as soon as you spray it onto the skin.

amazing body moisturiser

It’s revitalising, refreshing and feels light and summery, with a hint of citrus scent. The continuous mist means you can spritz your whole body in next to no time – if there’s a quicker way of moisturising your body, we’d like to know about it. As it’s a fine, transparent mist – rather than a rich, indulgent body butter – it’s slightly baffling just how Hyaluronic Body Mist actually hydrates skin, but hydrate it does! And it’s proper lasting hydration too. Spray on. Rub in. Get dressed. Go. That’s it. Trust us, this one’s a real game-changer.

Hyaluronic Body Mist is available to buy online here. See Deciem’s website for more information and local stockists.