t1Trinity Sarratt is the dynamic musical crackerjack ever present on the contemporary Berlin country and punk scene. She not only boasts the most immaculate hair I’ve seen in the city (and no it ain’t the fake kind either) but is also one of the hardest working musicians in town, juggling three successful bands simultaneously.

The native San Franciscan is responsible for the ‘Squeeks & Melodies’ of my favourite of her bands The Cry Babies, but tours internationally with garage-punk cabaret group Kamikaze Queens, whilst managing to squeeze in a few shows with The Runaway Brides.

Don’t let Trinity’s cutesy rockabilly looks and piquant voice fool ya, cause if you dare step on her heels ladies and gents she just might floor y’all!

I am… a Go-Getter.

I find… peace of mind on the road.

The last time I cried… last Thursday…that’s another story.

I get angry… when people don’t do what they say they are going to do.

I like myself because… ain’t skeeerd!

I hope… to make it to Tokyo before I die.

Berlin needs… more pool tables and common decency. If you kick me in the foot, say something. Don’t just keep walking like nothing happened. “Excuse Me” will do just fine. Thanks.

The Kamikaze Queens Record Release Party is on April 30th at Lovelite in Berlin.