So you’re thinking cocktails. Chances are, you’re going for gin – or maybe vodka right? Whisky or tequila at a push. Well, we’d like to suggest you think outside the box a little – come on, a little creativity is good for the grey matter. How about Grand Marnier? Fine cognac infused with heady orange aromas actually makes for a fantastically versatile cocktail base.  And mixed with delicate elderflower cordial then topped up with a sparkle of soda water, it’s an absolute winner. Summer in a glass – whatever the weather’s doing…

grand marnier esprit

30ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
15ml elderflower cordial
120ml soda water

Build in a highball glass filled with ice cubes, then add fresh fruit and stir. We used halved strawberries and slices of orange, but raspberries, sprigs of fresh mint or even lime wedges would work well too. You can also prepare larger quantities of the cocktail if you’re drinking with friends – serve in a pretty jug full of ice and fresh fruit.

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