You probably don’t need another excuse to dine at The Goring, do you? But we’re going to give you one anyway. London’s finest family-owned luxury hotel has just been awarded its first Michelin star. If you’ve been to The Goring before, you might be surprised at this news as the food has quite obviously always been of a superlative standard. The place has a Royal Warrant after all…

The Goring Hotel restaurant

Anyway, in the name of good journalism, we visited The Goring’s Dining Room and can confirm that the accolade from Michelin is very much deserved – it’s one of the best places to lunch in London. It has been just over 18 months since chef Shay Cooper introduced his new menu at the luxury hotel, and suffice to say that his fresh thinking, passion for modern British cuisine and the very finest produce has really put The Goring on the map for foodies.

goring dining room

It goes without saying that The Goring’s service is absolutely impeccable – from the porters opening the front doors with a friendly smile and cordial greeting to the moment you finally manage to leave, it’s pitch perfect. Genuine and amiable, yet never over-familiar, there’s many an establishment that could learn a thing or two from Belgravia’s favourite hotel. But onto the food!

goring lunch

Elegant, expertly-prepared dishes arrive at the table – sounding quite simple on the menu, looking really quite astonishing once served. There’s a sense of poise and finesse to everything we eat – it’s all so prettily presented that you’d have to be an absolute peasant to wolf anything down. Oh no, consideration is what’s required here – and we spontaneously emit “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” and “Is that the…?” as we taste the exquisite morsels placed before us. A goat’s cheese starter is like a little cloud of fresh, delicate flavours punctuated with the intriguing crunch of crisp black olive biscuits, while the flavoursome pressed guinea fowl and cured duck liver is decorated with a colourful array of zingy light pickles.

The goring hotel restaurant

“Just so” is really the only way to describe restaurant’s gourmet fare, whether you go for The Goring’s classics such as the truly divine glazed lobster omelette or one of Cooper’s new additions to the menu like the succulent Salt Marsh lamb. Sprightly flavours that dance on the palate and a light touch that betrays a thoughtful chef who loves his job – these are the hallmarks you can expect at The Goring. Do make sure you leave space to enjoy the dessert trolley and ample British cheese selection fully… You have been warned!

Three courses cost from £42.50. For more information, see The Goring’s website or telephone +44 (0)20 7396 9000 to reserve.