I am not sure whether it is a chromosome thing, a stylist thing, or an antithesis to my grunge thing – but for as long as I can remember, I have been a magpie for glitter. Not just any glitter, good glitter. For me, a good glitter for is chunky, thick and unwavering. I am especially drawn to what I like to call Sixties Lurex; thick knitted garments with crude metallic threads running through them. Silver was often combined with a black nylon base giving a dirty grungy glitter that could easily be incorporated into a goth girl’s outfit without drawing too much attention for being girly.

dorothy red shoes

Dorothy’s hand sequinned ruby slippers from the 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of Oz were designed by the original king of glamour ‘Adrian’. A very famous Hollywood gown designer, his career spanned the 1920’s right up to the 1940’s. Adrian dressed every starlet you can possibly think of in sparkle and glamour; Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Katherine Hepburn to name a famous few. These slippers are officially the most important piece of Hollywood memorabilia, each pair remaining from the original movie worth an estimated $3 million. No wonder I covet them. Many covet them. Music man of the moment, Pharrell Williams even paid tribute to the glittery treads during his Oscars performance wearing a pair of custom made red sequinned Adidas high tops.


As a fashion student in my early twenties, I came across a pair of red sequinned pumps from Miu Miu. I obviously did what any self-respecting fashion student would do and promptly started eating back copies of Vogue until I had saved up enough to purchase them. That is not quite true; I bought them as soon as I set eyes on them and then had to eat white pasta with only garlic salt for flavour for months. I still have them, one heel so bent it is impossible to stand, and they featured in a piece of work I styled recently; my trashed beyond belief, wonky ruby slippers. (image below by Zoe Buckman)

If I Were A Rose

When I worked in the music industry, I created a special process to glitter {cheap} heeled pumps for a songstress on stage, and it seems Hedi Slimane loves this idea too. The ‘Flats are back’ announcement is only making me mutinously decide to wear heels as much as possible {although this is rapidly reminding myself why I always wear flats obviously as they are impossible to be speedily constructive in}. As a life long hater of the insipid kitten heel, I must confess Hedi as buggered that up royally with his AW Saint Laurent collection. I am mentioning this all now, so far from winter, as we all know such things get, ahem, homaged, quite quickly, and the things I am about to talk about are crazy money. They are also potentially my dream shoes and will go with everything all year round. See, see how I talk myself into purchases? I am a fully-grown woman who still lies to herself about how much things cost.

saint laurent glitter shoes

The shoes which currently hold my desires? Glittered. Chunky, heavenly, ankle strapped, low heeled, pointy, dirty, grungy and glittered. Grown up glitter. Get it now glitter. Get a grip on yourself spending over £600 on a pair of shoes glitter.