Natural haircare products. We know they’re bound to be better for our hair and for the planet. But somehow natural shampoos and conditioners just aren’t that appealing… There’s the health-food-stores scent, the worthy-but-deeply-unattractive packaging. And natural haircare just never seems quite as effective as the expensive hair products you find at the salon or even on the high street. And – let’s face it – when has a hairdresser ever recommended a natural shampoo? Well then. So we were pleased and rather intrigued to come across GLOSS Moderne: a beautiful, award-winning capsule collection of ‘clean luxury’ haircare products created in California – all free from sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride.


First impressions? Let’s not pretend to be anything other than super shallow here – look at that pretty, pretty packaging. Yup, these bottles are definitely going to look lovely on your bathroom shelves. In fact, you might just have to upgrade all of your bathing products once they’re sitting pretty next to the lovely GLOSS Moderne bottles. We love the sleek, minimal design in all its covetable luxe simplicity – although this obviously is never a reason for buying beauty products. Ahem. Packaging aside, the next unimportant reason to love GLOSS Moderne is the delicious smell. The brand’s signature Coco de Soleil scent was developed by fragrance experts and it’s fresh, clean, elegant and sophisticated all at once; a sensual perfume that lingers on your hair.


Most importantly, what about the performance of the products? After all, they might be prettily packaged and smell wonderful, but if they don’t leave tresses looking and feeling shiny, soft and clean, it’s really all style and no substance. We road-tested the GLOSS Moderne High Gloss Shampoo and it definitely impresses from the first use. With some natural shampoos, you need to use a lot to work up a lather, but a little really goes a long way here, which makes the price per use pretty reasonable – always a good thing. Next up the GLOSS Moderne High Gloss Conditioner. Both products are designed to protect coloured hair and formulated with gentle natural ingredients, and the brand’s conditioner really smooths and nourishes hair from tip to end – leave on for a couple of minutes for an extra treat. Result? Fresh, swishy, glossy hair that somehow radiates that clean-livin’ California vibe.


Our must-have GLOSS Moderne product has to be the High Gloss Serum though, which really works magic to smooth flyaways and give a super shiny finish to hair. It also protects hair from heat damage too, so this is ideal pre-blowdry or if you’re using heated tools. Clean luxury? It might just be our new favourite thing…

The entire GLOSS Moderne range is available to buy online via Panache Cosmetics.