A revolutionary hair tool sounds like a bit of a far-fetched claim doesn’t it? How ground-breaking can hair-styling technology be after all? How about if we told you that ghd’s latest innovation – the ghd platinum – actually makes hair healthier. Sounds too good to be true. Isn’t.

Traditionally, for those of us who turn to heat tools to straighten, curl or style hair, using straighteners means compromising on hair health. Guilty as charged, we know it’s a damaging process. But ghd’s clever team of science bods have discovered the optimum temperature for styling hair – an exact 180°C . The platinum’s six sensors ensure that a constant temperature is maintained along the length of the barrel, dispersing the heat evenly. The result? Hair breakage is reduced by up to 50% and shine is boosted by 20%. Pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree.

ghd platinum

The lower heat doesn’t mean you need to go over the hair again and again either – ghd’s one-stroke styling technology means that it actually takes less time! And what about colour fade? No concerns there either – research has been shown to be kinder to colour too. Anything else – can we expect the platinum to cure the common cold too? Not yet, but the clever wishbone hinge keeps hair in place as you style it, giving you better control, whether you’re after super straight, curls or waves.

Basically the platinum not only gives you pretty damn amazing hair, it also SAVES YOU TIME. You know those women who always seem to look perfectly groomed at all times with hair that looks like they’ve just left the salon? There’s no need to get up at the break of dawn to look like that – just a quick swipe or two with the platinum et voila!

For more information  about the platinum, see ghd’s website.