As anti-ageing skincare goes, Crème de la Mer has long swung one of the most eye-watering price tags around. The range is based around their patented Miracle Broth: a potent and nutrient-rich ingredient created by NASA scientist Dr Max Huber over 50 years ago. The harmony of fermented sea kelp and marine extracts that he found to heal a laboratory burn on his hand is now key to restoring and rejuvenating ageing skin, earning CDLM cult status since its launch. The latest addition to the line-up ups the ante further with Genaissance: a serum that, at £400 for 30ml, is their most expensive to date.

creme de la mer serum

Created to fill a gap that Crème de la Mer addicts said was missing in their skincare wardrobe, Gennaissance is designed for busy customers who don’t have time to layer lots of products, but instead want to address myriad concerns in record time.

genaissance cdlm

Genaissance‘s star addition is Crystal Miracle Broth: a turbo-charged version of the original hero ingredient, discovered when a crystallised dry-down of the raw potion was found on a spatula in the R&D labs. Realising that the crystals were highly potent, a process of reverse engineering was used to find out why and before putting this new know-how into an ultra-effective anti-ageing serum. The serum’s formula is boosted further by fermented red algae, taken from the energy-rich Corsican seabed to help increase the energy within the skins’ cells, plus 24K gold, believed to be anti-inflammatory and a defender against collagen breakdown.

The result? Genaissance is a rich, silky smooth serum that is blended in small batches, then hand-filled into handcrafted bottles. Even a small amount (because at that price you’ll want to use it sparingly) impressively helps smooth out fine lines, softens the appearance of pores, gives skin a velvety texture and makes the complexion look instantly plumper. It also speeds up the skin’s natural renewal process, working at the same rate as retinol but without any irritation.

CDLM serum

In a move away from being a prescriptive part of the skincare regime, Crème de la Mer’s Gennaissance offers a more modern approach in that it’s formulated to be used however you want: day, night, alone, and even mixed with moisturiser. There are some handy application massage moves to help lift muscles further and let the formula penetrate deeper too. That’s, of course, if you have time…

Crème de la Mer’s Gennaissance is available to buy online here. For more information, see the Crème de la Mer website.