If your fitness regime just involves going to the gym or heading out for the occasional run, you need to get with the program! From electronic workouts and super slimming leggings to elegant fitness wearables and underwater music systems, here’s how to take your fitness to the next level…

The Fitter Face

Sure you take your body to the gym, but what about your face? From wellness expert and seasoned spa consultant Inge Theron, Face Gym is nothing short of revolutionary – it’s the workout you never knew you needed. Don’t expect soothing music and relaxing aromatherapy oils – this isn’t a facial, it’s a workout for your face. Available at Selfridges, the bestselling 30-minute signature workout includes “a signature five-step protocol consisting of a warm up, cardio, strength, sculpt and cool down.” It’s high intensity, energetic stuff – Face Gym’s trainers work quickly to target the 50+ muscles on the face, and you’ll definitely feel the effects immediately.

face gym

Massage along with flicking, whipping and tapping movements really wakes skin up, leaving the complexion brighter, firmer and glowing. For even more of a boost, upgrade to the one of the ‘advanced treatments’ such as the Hollywood Lunchtime Lift – it’s like a personal training session which really whips things into shape. Combining Face Gym’s signature moves with non-invasive laser and electric muscle stimulation, before finishing with a personalized serum and moisturiser, this powerful treatment leaves skin visibly sculpted, lifted and toned.

face gym face lift

Track It

Keeping tabs on your fitness has to be one of the easiest ways to continually motivate yourself to stay active, but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t really describe most tracking devices as elegant, would you? The Misfit Shine is just that. A million miles away from the chunky, bulky bracelet trackers you’ll have seen people sporting, the Misfit Shine is delicate, discreet – and rather chic. A slim black wristband encases the small, lightweight metal tracker (this can also be clipped onto clothing) which monitors your activity – whether that’s playing tennis, cycling, swimming or just walking.

misfit shine

To find out how active you’ve been, you simply tap on the device, with a ring of softly glowing lights displaying your progress, and then the current time. Shine also automatically tracks your sleep, showing your phases of light and deep sleep, plus if you’ve been awake in the night. On the practical side of things, Shine automatically syncs with your phone via Bluetooth, with a connected app showing you your activity (distance travelled and calories burned), allowing you to track fitness over time. We should warn you that once you start, tracking becomes pretty addictive… Smart and stylish, the Misfit Shine is the activity tracker we’ve been waiting for.

misfit shine activity tracker

Get DNA Fit

No, we’re not talking about giving your DNA a workout! According to research, around 60% of variance in body weight is based on genetic factors – which explains why people respond differently to different types of exercise. DNAFit‘s non-invasive test offers a way to find out about the best types of diet and exercise for you – based on your unique genetic profile. It’s all surprisingly painless, effective and impressive – after a quick saliva swipe and a questionnaire which are sent to your home, you’ll receive a comprehensive report in return, with a detailed analysis of your genotype in relation to health, fitness, diet, nutrition and weight management.

DNAFit tests 45 gene variants linked to a body’s capacity to respond to training and nutrition, but the results are presented in a simple format without too much in-depth sciencey stuff. Does your body respond best to intense exercise or an endurance workout, for example? Have you been endlessly sprinting on the treadmill without getting the results you deserve? You might be better off doing an hour of swimming or jogging. Someone who typically avoids carbs? DNAFit analyses your body’s response to carbohydrates, as well as to saturated fats – so you may find that actually a slice of toast from time to time isn’t such a bad thing after all! The fact that results are based on your own personal DNA profile makes DNAFit a really useful tool to help you make more informed choices about your diet and fitness.


The Lazy Girl Workout

Can you work out without having to move from the sofa? Almost is the answer to that – if you’re wearing Proskins Slim leggings, that is. Yes, this may sounds completely crazy, but these are rather clever leggings. Proskins’ patented fabric is made with a special yarn which is impregnated with active slimming ingredients such as caffeine, retinol and aloe vera. It’s basically integrated natural skincare, designed to stimulate collagen production and banish cellulite, while smoothing and firming skin.

proskins slim

The compression fabric serves to improve blood circulation and flush away the toxins that actually cause cellulite. It also helps with water retention too – great if you suffer with swollen ankles. So do they work? Independent research has shown that wearers lost up to 2cm off their thighs and waist, while 63% noted a reduction in cellulite. It’s pretty crazy to think that simply wearing a pair of leggings can have any effect on your body at all, but we found that skin felt softer and weirdly, legs were lighter and more toned. Our verdict? Proskims Slim leggings are perfect for wearing around the house or if you’re running a few errands – working to tone and firm without you even realising!

Super Swimming

Swimming is a great form of all-round exercise, providing an aerobic workout as well as boosting flexibility and range of motion. It’s also a low-impact workout, even though you can burn upward of 500 calories an hour. But laps in the pool can start to get a little bit boring after a while, can’t they? So why not upgrade your swim and add a little music, or maybe even a podcast or audiobook? Sony’s Waterproof Walkman is just what you need. The W Series Sports Walkman is fully waterproof up to two metres and the headphones are comfortable to wear – no cramping your style here.

Fully charged, the device has up to eight hours of battery life, and adding music or podcasts is a simple process. Once connected to your computer via USB, all you need to do is  drag and drop your favourite songs et voila. And the sound quality? Pretty amazing actually. Once you start using a Waterproof Walkman, you’ll wonder how you ever swam without one.

sony waterproof walkman

Electrified Exercise

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) doesn’t sound like something you’d pay to participate in, now does it? But personal training using EMS equipment might just be the most effective and epic workout we’ve ever tried. Say hello to Exerceo Training. If you thought squats, press-ups lunges and sit-ups were hard, trust us, they’re insane when you do them while wearing an EMS vest and shorts. It feels like receiving a series of light electric shocks during your workout which is quite a strange sensation. Luckily the super intense workout sessions last just 25 minutes, and they’re overseen by one of Exerceo Training’s qualified PTs.

exerceo training

It’s hard to feel motivated as you get zapped for what feels like the 700th time, but Exerceo’s trainers motivate you through the sessions – and then there’s the benefits of the workout’s impressive results. You should expect to see a result in just four sessions – so this is a lot less effort than heading to the gym seven days a week. And those results are evident whatever your fitness goal – toning up, losing weight, muscle gain or banishing cellulite. And if you don’t believe us, then maybe an Insta of Usain Bolt might convince you?! Seriously, this is pretty hardcore, but if you want results, you’ve got to try Exerceo Training. Particularly recommended for emergency situations – whether that’s the beach, a first date or anything where you need results, fast!

EMS training

Wellness From Inside Out

You’ve heard it before: you are what you eat. Eating healthy food is all well and good, but how can you make your nutrition even smarter? Some clever supplements is how – it’s the way to supercharge your food simply and easily. From cult wellness brand Clean & Lean, Body BrillianceBeauty Food and Berry Burn are three of the smart supplements designed to boost your exercise routine. Energising herbs, super greens and anti-oxidant berries help with everything from supporting heart health to aiding digestion and improving energy levels.

clean and lean supplements
Fountain‘s range of liquid supplements are designed to tackle everything from skin health to cognitive function and mental stamina. For a daily boost, try The Energy Molecule: a concentrated mix of Vitamin B12 along with Creatine and Hyaluronic Acid – it’s designed to provide you with a sustained release of energy. We’re also big fans of The Super Green Molecule, which is made with concentrated alfalfa chlorophyll and kelp – getting your dose of greens doesn’t come easier than this!