Regardless of the current entrepreneurial zeitgeist, launching a beauty brand is a bold move. It’s a crowded, saturated market whether you’re a kitchen table indie or one of the big billion-dollar guys. Launching a beauty brand with just one product? Well, it’s got to be a damn good product. Luckily for makeup artist-turned-entrepreneur Frances Prescott, her all-in-one Tri Balm certainly is.

Prescott cut her teeth at the Beeb, and has worked with the likes of Chanel, Paul Smith and Selfridges as well as faces including Jude Law and Tilda Swinton, and just about any women’s mag you’d care to namecheck. Passionate about her industry, she’s also a trained facialist. Yep, the DREAM best friend. A culmination of time and experience – and seeing a gap in the market – led her to develop Tri-Balm, realising that whether you’re a top model or a working mum, women want to simplify their skincare routine.

Sure, the Koreans might be renowned for their multi-step approach, but for most of us – busy, rushing around – multi-tasking is much more interesting and relevant than eight different products… Tri-Balm might seem like a simple cleansing balm, but its multi-purpose formula has been developed to exfoliate and moisturise too. Having worked with thousands of products over the course of her career, Prescott understand the rigorous demands of today’s educated, informed customer – and so Tri-Balm is free from synthetic ingredients, silicones and parabens. Presented in a simple twist-up stick, it’s also been packaged to ensure you don’t have to swap it out for a travel cleanser if you’re packing a suitcase.

Ingredients-wise, botanical oils cleanse away all traces of makeup, while pumpkin seed enzymes gently exfoliate and hyaluronic acid plus natural antioxidants moisturise and protect skin. It’s smart but very simple. And since launch, Tri-Balm has been featured everywhere from Vogue to the Daily Mail and every beauty blog in between. Whether you’re a little bit lazy when it comes to skincare, short of time and KNOW you need to step things up, or just travelling and planning a more concise makeup bag, there are SO MANY reasons you’ll love Tri-Balm.

For more information, see Frances Prescott’s website. You can also follow her on Instagram @fprescottskin.