No one wants to leave the house in a mad dash, do they? Running for the bus? Applying their eyeliner on the train? Don’t get us wrong – we’ve been there and we’re not pointing the finger – but isn’t it so much nicer to start the day off in a calm, cool, collected fashion, rather than sprinting to work, feeling like you’re playing catch up before you’ve even got started? What you need to get yourself firmly into this mindset of morning calm is a silk robe.

fleur of england

Fleur of England Heiress Guipure Silk Robe

Fleur of England Blush Silk Robe

Fleur of England Caviar Silk Robe

A silk robe is the first essential element in becoming that serene woman who easily has time for a cup of tea or two and a leisurely breakfast before work. But of course she can fit in blow-drying and styling her hair while seated at her dressing table. She probably has a moment for conversation with her significant other/kids/cat/housemates too. And the purveyor of the finest silk robes? Fleur of England, bien sur.

fleur of england silk robe

Fleur of England Crème De La Crème Silk Robe

Fleur of England Signature Nude Belted Silk Robe

Fleur of England Esme Silk Robe

“If it is not exquisite it will not leave the door,” says Fleur, the brand’s founder. A motto we like a lot. Although collections are updated seasonally, these are timeless designs, so rest assured they’re pieces you’ll want to wear forever. The quality is impeccable and the finish is flawless. These are robes that might just make you set your alarm clock just a little earlier so you can lounge about/drink tea/not have to run for the bus…

fleur of england lingerie

Fleur of England Scarlet Silk Robe

Fleur of England Signature Black Belted Silk Robe

Fleur of England Geisha Silk Robe