Once upon a time, not so many moons ago, getting a tattoo was a big decision to make. A Chinese symbol on your midriff or a floral design on your wrist might seem like a good idea at 19, but did you really want to be showing off the misdemeanours of your ill-advised youth while reading your grandchildren a bedtime story? And yet, these days, ‘getting inked’ seems like it’s no longer an act of folly, because everyone has a tattoo, right?
fickle tattoos
Although tattoos may be a la mode in 2013, that doesn’t make them any less permanent. So what to do if you fancy a tattoo without the commitment? Meet Fickle Tattoos. They’re temporary tattoos – but not as you might know them. Oh no, Fickle’s body art is quite, quite different to those tacky transfers you may recall from childhood days.
fickle tattoo
The London-based brand works with a hand-picked selection of emerging artists and designers, resulting in original, beautiful and really special temporary tattoos. Each high quality design lasts two to five days, so it’s a fun way of trying out a little fun body art without the this-is-forever-yes-really-forever anxiety. New collections are launched regularly too, meaning that whether you’re fancying a tongue-on-cheek nautical design or a quirky quote, there’s something to please.

For more information and to buy, see the Fickle Tattoos website.