Feminism is in the air, and not just on the campuses of left-leaning universities or in the memories of our nostalgic mothers. For the first time in a long time feminism is back on the agenda and a talking point for young, smart modern women. Of course it’s never actually gone away, and despite a few victories, the problems that make it such a vital movement haven’t really either. But now it’s drifting into the mainstream. Glossy A-listers, pop stars, high-profile columnists and faces on TV are starting to say it’s OK – no, more than OK – bloody brilliant, awesome, in fact, to be a feminist.


And while that doesn’t mean that feminism is suddenly official, it does help more people talk, think and act upon feminist issues and bring about what every feminist has always wanted: equality. There’s no single definition of what feminism is, no right or wrong way to be a feminist; but feminism is part of every decision we make and in every conversation we have as members of society. Feminism 3.0 is thoughts, musings and questions on being a feminist today.