Stickers have always fascinated me. As a child, I remember the little rolls of stickers only available in shops which held oh-so-exotic stationery. Stickers of everything you could ever imagine; stars, hearts, cats, circus performers, safari animals, sailing boats, flowers, coniferous trees, butterflies, footballers, farm equipment – you name your fancy and it was available as a sticker family. You could you buy a strip for around 75p to decorate and delight. Gold Stars were awarded for successes, little photographic cats adorned exercise books and puffy cartoon characters that smelt like My Little Ponies adhered to your pencil tin forever.


Then as I got older it became all about Panini and I worked through a Garfield album then on to the Premier League as my interests changed towards the teenage. I remember feeling protective of my stickers and not wanting to commit to sticking them on to anything for fear that they would be ruined. I kept them pristine on their shiny sheets wrapped in a clear envelope in a drawer at home for fear of loss, taken out only to contemplate a more permanent home before they were safely stowed away once more.

anya hindmarch stickers

Esteemed accessory designer Anya Hindmarch has been having no such sticker commitment problem. Last season she launched her Sticker Shop: a cacophony of stickered delights in collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS.

anya hindmarch

Known for her instantly smile-inducing designs, Hindmarch has excelled herself with British foibles of late, and is giving them to us in a self-adhesive form in order to transform your own tired leather. Adorn your accessories with Smileys, rainbows, plasters, on-trend hashtags or even a fried egg to lift them out of their wintry slump. For Autumn/Winter ’15 she has drawn on daily traveller headache-inducing roadwork signs to adorn her fancies, using the somewhat unlikely M25 as inspiration. As this circular car park around London gives me daily grind, at least now I can pretend like I am in FROW at her fashion show as I sit there for hours on end, foot slipping off the clutch.

anya hindmarch motorway stickers

Hindmarch chose this season to launch her first ready-to-wear collection, although she is not touting it as thus, saying ‘it’s more of an extension of the accessories.’ Meaning that her tongue in cheek wit is at least now not only resigned to your handbags.

Olympia Le Tan’s ‘We Don’t Need No Education’ collection for Spring/Summer ’15 features the most fantastic Composition Book clutch realised beautifully in her trademark applique and embroidery. The pink price tag sticker secures her brilliantness in exploiting details in her work, who hasn’t seen that actual exercise book for sale? The allure of the sticker strikes once more.

compositions satchel olympia le tan

As the economy slowly recovers the trend for spending on quality increases. Special pieces that stand out and stand alone, personal pieces to bring you a smile every time you wear them. Pieces that remind us of a time when things weren’t so hard; school days finally do become good memories and a want for the rush of nostalgia takes hold.


I recently invested in a grown up navy Hindmarch Ebury Tote, however in keeping with this nostalgia notion it is resplendent with a Smiley and ‘Have A Nice Day’ punch out, and boasts striped fluro rope handles that take me right back to weekends sailing with my Papa and summers crushing on my windsurfing instructor at Willen Lake. I have a selection of stickers ready to go, so all I have to do now is get over my fear of removing the stickers from the packets and adhere to a commitment.