An illustration by blogger Garance Doré

It feels like they’ve been around forever, but fashion blogs are a relatively recent development. While some are a bit hit and miss, others have made stars of their creators; among them the likes of Susie Lau, Tavi, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman. Their blend of up-to-the-minute fashion, quirky styling tips and inspiration straight from the street has made them the new fashion magazine, with monthly print style bibles struggling to keep up.

Garance Doré

The girl sure can doodle. Illustrator, street style photographer, blogger and fashion commentator, Garance Doré is France’s fashion sweetheart. Passionate about fashion from childhood, Garance’s combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of tailoring with Gallic style tips, and her comments on seasonal trends are worth listening to. With site language options in French and English, Garance is in high demand; styling shoots for Japanese Vogue, creating illustrations for fashion houses, and of course, maintaining her blog. Her style is classic, elegant and feminine, both in terms of what she wears and her fabulous photographs.

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman knows that Europe is where the fashion is. That’s why the street style photographer, better known as The Sartorialist spends such a lot of time on this side of the pond. The US native has an eye for fashion – not necessarily the latest trends, but for people who wear it well. One of the most compelling images from The Sartorialist’s archives, captures two young men in Milan, their hands frozen mid-air and mid-conversation. Crisp, blindingly-white suits, trouser legs rolled up, are combined with brogues sans socks. Their hair is lightly slicked back and the compulsory wayfarers are very much in evidence. A timeless look but achingly now – that’s The Sartorialist for you.

OutsaPop Trashion

She’s been featured on Running in Heels before, and there’s a reason. OutsaPop Trashion is DIY fashion at its best. Finnish fashion blogger Outi is the stylist behind the blog, which covers everything from tutorials on making your own corset to items from offbeat types such as Bitching and Junkfood, and Gareth Pugh. With a strong visual sense, visit OutsaPop for her very unique sense of style, and give her props for being fashionable while helping the environment at the same time.

The Blonde Salad

Blonde, Italian, and very easy on the eye. Chiara of The Blonde Salad is not only stunning but also has high octane Italian chic in spades. And it’s not just the blogging world that has taken note – with her very own line of sky-high heels, the fashion world also loves her inimitable style. Up to date with trends and a fan of the big guns, The Blonde Salad dresses up, dresses down, but always looks glamorous. As Bloglovin’s 2011 ‘Newcomer of the Year’ recipient, she is definitely one to watch.

Grungy Geman blogger Jana, of Bekleidet


Bekleidet (German for clothed) is something German fashion blogger, Jana, of knows a lot about. She’s a little bit boho, a little bit grungy, and she could be the love-child of Peaches and Heidi Klum – either way, she’s always fabulously dressed. Jana’s blog is one of Germany’s favourites, thanks to her accessible style, which features plenty of Top Shop and H&M. What makes it interesting is her flair – a turn of the cuff here, a waisted belt or daisies in her hair there. For every-day fashion inspiration – regardless of season – Bekleidet is a must.

Fashion Squad

Carolina Engman describes her style as “simple, chic and rock ‘n’ roll” and documents it on Fashion Squad. Fashion Squad has a world-wide following, which is partly attributable to the fact she (along with Susie Lau) was among the first wave of bloggers to hit the net, setting up shop in April 2006. With longevity comes press; something Carolina gets a lot of. With spreads in ELLE, Vogue and numerous Japanese magazines, Carolina’s style is definitely something to take note of. Commentating on the season’s latest offerings and interpreting trends her own way; look out for an impressive collection of sunglasses and impossibly high heels.

Style Bubble

London fashion blogger, Susie Bubble (real name Susie Lau), is a self-confessed outcast, who only stumbled into fashion as an act of rebellion. As one of the web’s first fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble was also one of the first to garner media attention. Susie’s high profile allows her readers insights into the world of fashion – front row at fashion shows, season previews and interviews with designers. Susie’s style is eclectic – a big part of what makes her blog such an addictive read: Lau was among the first to try double denim, mismatched prints, three-quarter-length baggy pants and Aztec-style woven hand bags on for size. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but in her style bubble, it works.

Stylish Londoner Susanna Lau, the self-confessed outcast, and blogger behind the exceptionally popular Style Bubble