New Year’s Resolutions? No, thanks – don’t like them, can’t keep ’em. Instead, we’re thinking about positive changes to make in 2018 – and no, we’re not talking life lessons or career options. Instead, we’ve asked a whole lot of people in fashion and beauty – who really know what they’re talking about – one change to make in 2018…

Hollie Moat –

Fashion in 2018 is all about embracing the individual, so this year, the best wardrobe resolutions will focus on cultivating your personal style and finding your own voice. We’re moving on from the days when everybody slavishly followed the same trends – see how the hottest labels of the moment (your Guccis, Off-Whites and Balenciagas) are the ones who can be identified on sight, the ones with an aesthetic truly all their own.

There’s a place for everyone in this new fashion landscape, so have fun finding yours: In this digital age, we’ve access to more visual inspiration than ever before, not to mention the ability to track down tiny but amazing brands in faraway places like Tbilisi, Melbourne and Seoul. Do your research, and don’t stop until you discover the pieces and collections that really speak to your heart. I love mixing vintage classics with modern Parisienne brand Sandro, or Scandi-cool Ganni, and my advice to you is to find your own magic formula. Plus, there’s this added bonus… being comfortable in your clothes helps you to be comfortable in your own skin. And that’s good for the soul!

Marcia Kilgore

For 2018, I think women (and beautiful men, obviously) should own their beauty and style USP, and WORK IT! The world needs less cookie cutter people and more individuals, and there has never been a better time to celebrate your own personal style, be a character, and live it big for everyone to appreciate. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. And work it!

Camille Charrière – Camille Over The Rainbow

My big resolution for next year is to give up “wearing” plastic entirely. From straws in my cocktails, to coffee tops with my morning latte, endless EVIAN bottles at the gym and last-minute shopping bags, I’m always running around with something plastic attached to my hand, and I’ve decided I simply can keep indulging this ugly addiction that is causing so much damage to our planet. More than 8 million tons (!) of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, and its time to change our daily habits if we are to slow down the devastating effects it’s having on the environment. This “disposable” way of living should not follow us in 2018!

Jane Cunningham – British Beauty Blogger

My one piece of beauty advice for 2018 is ‘do it your way’. Make this the year that you don’t feel pressure to conform to beauty ideals – beauty is not one thing, it’s many, so take the time to celebrate those things that are unique to you. Maybe it’s a dimple, some laughter lines, fabulous freckles or brows that willfully won’t match – own them and love them.

Anna-Marie Solowij – BeautyMart

Change how you do your make-up. I’m going to start doing my make-up in a different light. Currently I’m using artificial bathroom light but I’m going to switch to daylight because it’s more honest but also, possibly, more forgiving. Also get rid rid of magnifying mirrors. It’s become a weapon of fear and anyway, no-one sees anything that close up – ever!

Millie Kendall MBE – BeautyMart

Change your hair colour in 2018. I just watched Atomic Blonde, and Charlize Theron has made me want to go even blonder.

Lucy Garside – Threads Styling

I’m not one for making resolutions of the self-denial variety. No booze, no sugar, no gluten: no thank you. Instead, start 2018 on a positive note. Like me, resolve to make this the year you get your personal style sorted. This will require a bit of willpower, by the way – resolutions aren’t meant to be easy. Eschewing flash-in-the-pan trends, however tempting (I’m looking at you, chain mail dresses), is the first step to developing a truly stylish uniform. Next, consider what you’re happiest wearing. Is it bold colour? Neutrals? Ladylike glamour? Mannish tailoring? Whatever it is, roll with it – your gut is telling you something. If you’re shopping and unsure if something is ‘you’, visualise yourself leaving it behind in the shop. If this doesn’t fill you with existential dread, put it back. You don’t need it.

In doing this, you’ll get a better understanding of who you are personally and sartorially. You’ll save time when shopping and dressing, plus you’ll end up with a wardrobe of clothes you actually love. Now that’s a resolution worth keeping – and you didn’t even need to give up bread.

Teresa Tarmey – Facialist

After 21 years of treating skin, I’d say the number one mistake people make is sun damage. Whether it be pigmentation, broken capillaries, aged, tired, dehydrated – you name it – I’d blame the sun. Don’t we all love a glow?! Not past our mid 20’s, as much as we all think it’s a glow, those freckles become splodges which are not as easy to get rid of as we might think. We can still get a nice tan with an SPF, even a factor 50, just not the damage that comes with it. If I could give one piece of advice for your skin it would be prevent rather than try to fix the impossible. My number one SPF is hands down Heliocare 360 range, they have so many different ones to chose from – none of which leave you looking like Casper the ghost, or smelling strange!

Alexia Inge – Cult Beauty

My piece of advice to follow would be to take the day off your face before you go to bed. Most of us now live in polluted city environments and, aside from makeup, your face will be covered in aggressive particulate matter by the end of the day. The best way to think of it is: for every night you sleep in your make up on, it accelerates skin ageing by two weeks.

Jini Sanassy – Space NK

My beauty advice for the new year would be to take the time to look after your skin. As life gets busier it is easy to take short cuts and not assess what your skin actually needs, following the same routine all year round. My recommendation is to find the time to cleanse your skin properly , particularly in the evening. Observe how your skin changes as the weather changes and adapt what you are using. For instance, in colder weather use something more hydrating – if your skin begins to look dull and uneven, introduce a treatment to combat this.

This year my beauty game changer was the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel pads. I really recommend trying these pads, which contain exfoliating acids, to smooth and refine the skin. Using them takes a matter of minutes but my skin in instantly smooth and clear afterward rather like I have had a professional treatment. Perfect for those of us who have limited time but want to see great results.

Bethany Rowntree – Studio B Fashion

My one tip for 2018 – in terms of style – is to buy better. Sometimes easier said than done, but buy less and buy better quality. Invest in something you can wear multiple ways and buy something you absolutely fall in love with – perhaps instead of the same stash from Zara you normally go for (and so does everyone else).

By better, I mean pieces that will last and things you can style up or down for day and night. Personally, I love print and colour, this is what I wear and I look for things that are my style, rather than a trend that’ll come and go. For example, I love print dresses I can layer over jeans and throw on a chunky knit with for day, but come evening add heels, or come summer strip off the layers! Or a statement coat that I’ll wear with everything, day or night, and know I’ll still love next year. Think seasonless, ageless style and you’ll wear these pieces so much longer and feel they’re much more special than the regular high-street trawl.

Su-Man Hsu – Su-Man Skincare

In 2018, avoid using a rich night cream. It not only suffocates the skin but it also doesn’t allow the skin to rest. Many people think mistakenly that they look younger by doing so, but actually over feeding the skin will only age it faster. Imagine skincare like eating food – eat bigger meals during the day for more energy to work, and lighter meals at night so your internal organs can rest and heal. If you prefer to have two different creams, the day cream should be richer because you need more protection to fight external aggressors. Night creams should be light and efficient enough to nurture the skin.

Harvey Nichols

While we all dream of the perfect Carrie Bradshaw walk-in-wardrobe, stuffed with sought-after designer labels, most of us don’t have a never-ending budget when it comes to our new season buys.

However, our advice is to opt for just a few key pieces – a great Gucci tote or a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, for example. These are the items that are really worth spending your money on: not only will they ensure you have something to wear for any occasion but even in years to come they will look as stylish as the day you bought them.

Paula Haunit – Sheer Apparel

Paying just a little bit more attention to fabric and finishing can really transform your wardrobe. For example, a high-quality wool knit will always look and feel more premium for much longer than a jumper mixed with cheap acrylic, which unfortunately there is a lot of on the high street. Silk, high quality viscose, or eco-friendly Lyocell garments feel amazing on the skin and look much more luxurious than cheaper synthetics. Good quality that’s well looked after is a great investment in how you look and feel because you’ll feel great wearing it for longer, so getting into the habit to check the label to see what you’re buying can really upgrade your wardrobe.

Paula Begoun – Paula’s Choice

I’m going to avoid the seduction of media taunting us with doom and gloom headlines or the images of photo-shopped models or celebrities we’re supposed to want to look like. There are a million wonderful things happening in the world and remarkable women just like us changing the world for the better to admire and emulate. Regrettably it is far easier to focus on the salacious and not see the beautiful, but not this year.

Michaella Bolder – Time Bomb Co

The biggest mistake I see people make is not cleansing their skin properly! It seems so simple but a huge number of people don’t understand how important this stage is in their skincare routine. If you’re not effectively cleansing your skin twice a day, every day, then the dirt, make-up and dead skin cells that accumulate daily are just building up on your face leading to breakouts, congestion, dull and lined skin. Make a commitment in 2018 to establish a proper cleansing routine if you haven’t got one in place already! I always opt for an oil based cleanser like Time Bomb Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil, which is formulated with a blend of grape seed, safflower and coconut oil. It’s gentle on even the most sensitive skins plus oils have a smaller molecular structure to creams or lotions which means it gets to work at a deeper level of your skin, so you’ll be hydrating, soothing and cleansing your skin all at once. Make sure to double cleanse at night time, the first to rid your skin of any make-up and grime and the second to really cleanse your skin. You’ll be amazed at the difference such a small change makes.

Katie Brindle – The Hayo’u Method

It’s important to remember that beauty comes from a healthy body. Chinese Medicine advocates that beauty is the reflection of your internal health – you can spot the signs of stress, illness and ageing in your face as much as your body. Rather than applying a cream or serum to nourish skin from the outside, try activating your own body to do the work from the inside as well. You can do this with the Hayou’ Method’s Beauty Restorer: a beautiful jade faical massage tool.  Massage helps to reduce inflammation, boost lymphatic drainage and shrink pores, and a simple self-massage manipulates areas of tension to stimulate and regenerate cells and has been shown to increase microcirculation by 400%. The effect of this is to boost collagen and elastin and improve elasticity of the skin. It also reduces fine lines, pigmentation, sagging skin and uneven skin tone and promotes lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins and helps to reduce congestion and puffiness.