There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re playing catch-up with a life that’s dashing away from you. So much to do, so little time – it’s easy to feel out of control and overwhelmed. Start the week off right with five simple steps for a happy, productive life – the life that YOU want, where YOU make things happen – rather than them happening to you.

productivity tips

Make Time To Plan

Taking half an hour to plan may sound like a lot of time, but trust us – half an hour at the start of the week will mean getting things done and staying focused. Work tasks, domestic chores, socialising with friends, family commitments and long-term plans – organising your life before the week starts makes a big difference. Whether it’s adding tasks to an app, writing them down in a diary or creating entries in your online calendar, plan your week ahead. And get ready to cross or tick things off as you do them – extra satisfaction guaranteed!

Break It Down

Whether you’re 25 or 45, married with kids or living the single life, everyone is busy these days. Banish the overwhelm by breaking things down. Months, weeks, days and even hour-long chunks of time within days – if you can plan what you want to achieve and when, you’ll be surprised how much easier things are. What can you do in one hour? What would you like to do this week? By the end of this month? Quantify your time and take charge of it.

happiness tips

Recognise Your Happiness

Are you happy? What is or isn’t making you happy? What do you want/need to change/consider in more depth? Check in on your own emotional wellbeing each week. By taking time and thinking about what’s bothering you, you’ll find that you don’t let bigger problems develop, addressing them before they get too big to manage. Similarly, recognise what or who is making you feel happy and fulfilled – and celebrate that!

Consider Your Health

How are you sleeping? Are you exercising as much as you’d like to? And if you are – are you enjoying it? What about food – have you been overindulging of late? Drinking a little more than you’d be comfortable telling your GP about? Health is so, so important – so consider issues like sleeplessness, back pain or skin problems before they get out of hand. Write it down – make an appointment with your doctor, book in those spinning sessions or plan healthy meals ahead.

taking time

Step Back

Are you looking at the wood or the trees? Make time to step back and think about your life as a whole – what are you enjoying? What do you want to do more of? What’s not working for you? Who would you like to spend more time with? Where do you want to travel to this year? Do you want to start dance classes? Are you going to learn Arabic? Watch more Oscar-winning movies? Finally do that half marathon? Step back, think of yourself as a whole person with a great big life and view the bigger picture – rather than the day-to-day trivia that gets us bogged down and takes up so much brain space.