Exercising outdoors? In this weather? Yes, even in winter, there are real benefits to taking your fitness outdoors – so perhaps you don’t need that spendy gym membership after all… Experts in outdoors exercise,¬†Wildfitness¬†have shared their top five tips for working out outdoors – and why you should definitely get into it!

Exposure for resilience

If we only venture into the outdoors under optimal conditions and weather we are giving our bodies a false sense of reality. The weather is changeable and the more we expose ourselves to it, within reason and with appropriate scaling, the more adaptable and resilient we become to it and as humans.

Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

A lot of us suffer with emotional lows during the winter period, the answer is to get out as often as possible for your much needed SAD suppressor, vitamin D and then vigorous movement on top of this will add a nice endorphin kick into the mix to help you smile more.

Keep your senses about you

Avoid switching off to your environment and enjoy the sounds, smells and tactile sensations that nature’s changing seasons provide us with. Scientific research has shown that both heightened awareness of and connection with nature have significant psycho-physical benefits which are all more important during the winter months.

Enjoy what you’re doing

What you choose to do with regards to your form of movement or exercise should be rewarding and enjoyable. If it’s not then the chances of waning motivation and finding reasons to quit are even higher during the winter. Dance, climb, try a martial art, parkour – whatever it is you want, to find an enjoyable challenge for it to be sustainable and beneficial.

Combine travel with exercise

If you really can’t stand the cold, escape to warmer climes on a fitness retreat. Trying a new activity and enjoying winter sun means twice the benefits, after all! With Wildfitness retreats, you can swim in warm seas and go barefoot running on the beaches of Zanzibar, explore the cities of Barcelona, Berlin or London through movement, or find out how to balance exhilarating workout with nutritious food in Crete.