Ellis Faas. International make-up artist extraordinaire. Creator of some of the most covetable and innovative beauty packaging we’ve ever come across. It’s no surprise that Vogue Paris calls her “one of the most influential make-up artists of her generation”. And so we were pretty excited when we heard about Ms Faas’ latest venture: a set comprising all three lipsticks in her signature colour: blood red. Not someone who generally wears bright, bold lipsticks? Fear not: these clever products are based on the brand’s ‘Human Colours’ concept, which basically means that they’re designed to suit any skintone, from the palest English rose to the deepest ebony.

The set contains three different textures: the essential, highly-pigmented Creamy Lips, Milky Lips (which has a lovely lightweight feel) and long-lasting and super-glossy Glazed Lips. And of course, there’s a special price for this bundle of gorgeousness. Time to start seeing red? We think so.

The Ellis Faas Red set is available to buy online here.