It’s time to get out the decorations and add a little seasonal cheer every nook and cranny of your home – starting with the front door. And who better than The Dorchester‘s most distinguished florist Phil Hammond to give us some tips on how to create the perfect wreath?


What you’ll Need

Mossed wreath frame (A wreath made of twigs / branches could also be used)
Fine metal green wire (Reel Wire)
Blue Spruce, Holly and other foliage that you would like to incorporate
Cinnamon sticks, dried oranges or apples and pine cones
Baubles and ribbon

● Keep it traditional by using a moss base, which is then decorated with blue spruce and holly. Attach one end of the reel wire to the wreath frame, then place small pieces of foliage flat onto the base, wrapping the reel wire around the frame and foliage at the same time. This will keep the foliage in place and hide the piece of wire used with the next piece of foliage. Keep doing this until the wreath is fully covered with foliage.

● For a festive look, incorporate some pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Use green wire at the base of the cone, keeping about 10 cm length so that it can be pushed into the wreath and secured.​


● Follow the same process for the cinnamon sticks. I personally love adding slices of dried orange and lotus heads to wreaths for a traditional celebratory look.

● Remember that the wreath will look different when it’s hung on your door, so make sure that all of the decorations are spread evenly throughout the wreath.

● Add some baubles or bows in the same colour as the decorations around your home or on your Christmas tree. This will set the tone for what to expect when guests enter your house.

● Don’t be afraid to be creative! Add some fresh flowers or berries of your choice a few days before Christmas to give it that personal touch.

wreath 3

● Spray the wreath with water every few days, this will stop it from drying out and it will ensure that it lasts throughout December.

Phil and his team host a series of fun and informative floristry masterclasses throughout the year for floral enthusiasts (including Christmas wreath making, wedding flowers etc) which take place in The Dorchester’s Spatisserie. For more details, see The Dorchester’s website.