Roll-on beauty reminds me of being what is now termed a ‘tween’. From raspberry flavoured lip gloss to sparkly blue eyeshadow, a rollerball applicator seemed like a very sophisticated foray into beauty for a eight-year old. And while for the most part I still consider that they should be relegated to the Eighties (or at least confined to eight-year olds), Diptyque are challenging my perspective when it comes to roll-on perfume.

diptyque lavender roll-on

The fêted fragrance house has chosen their Les Eaux Florales series – a collection of scents based around a single flower – as the perfect vehicle for this retro format. Following the success of rose last year, the new additions turn their attention to geranium and lavender.

Geranium Odorata is described as a woody floral. A mix of geranium bourbon and rose geranium with bergamot, peppercorn and cedar, it’s fresh, bright and floral with a masculine undertone that stops it for being too sweet. Eau de Lavande, on the other hand, is a spicy floral that rather than the cool, crisp scent you expect has a warm, peppy edge thanks to the addition of nutmeg and cinnamon leaf to lavender absolute and essential oils.diptyque geranium roll-on

For me, Geranium Odorata has quickly become a handbag staple. Aside from smelling blissful and being an ultra-efficient way of making fragrance portable, I’ve found applying it has become somewhat addictive. Perhaps I’m happily channelling my inner eight-year old?

For more information, see the Diptyque website.