In our current world of identikit celebrity aromas and big brand scents, it’s rare to come across a perfume that smells genuinely new, different and inspiring. However, Diptyque’s Florabellio is exactly that. Fresh and invigorating, sweetly floral and subtly sexy, it’s like nothing you’ll have experienced before. Yes, that’s a lot of hype, but pop along, have a sniff and you’ll see what we mean!


The complex layers of Florabellio include crisp top notes of sea fennel and salt, underscored by the soft warmth of apple blossom and hints of apricot-scented osmanthus. And the base notes are truly unexpected – a sensual blend of seductive coffee and toasted sesame. It’s quite an interesting olfactive picture we’re painting for you…

diptyque florabellio

The overall result is an feeling of spring turning into an endlessly balmy summer, sunny mornings with the promise of long, lazy days ahead. Perhaps an bright bloom-filled orchard somewhere overlooking the sea… And plans to meander down to the white sandy beach after a slow morning of delicious coffees and breakfast with someone you love. Florabellio’s salty opening gives the scent a refreshing feel while the apple blossom and coffee lend an elegance and lovely summery aspect. It’s an intriguing scent – and one we’ve really quite fallen for!

Florabellio is available to buy online via Diptyque or SpaceNK.