After the excesses of the festive period, January is a natural time to resume healthy habits and be mindful about how we treat our bodies. But this doesn’t have to mean exhausting yourself on a treadmill or an extreme juicing diet. Jivita Ayurveda‘s Anu Paavola shares her tips on how to detox daily and heal your body through ayurveda.


How to incorporate detoxing in everyday life

Detoxing should actually happen on a daily basis so one can avoid big detoxing processes all together. This is easily done by having a proper detoxing morning routine which sets up the body correctly to function for the rest of the day. The digestive system needs to be started properly so that we have strong digestive power throughout the day. Light breakfast and correct exercise will greatly enhance the digestive enzymes. Setting up the right mental and emotional mood is also very important in order to have good cognitive functions of memory, focus, awareness and decision power.

The best way to start the day is with warm lemon water, then 30 – 40 minutes of exercise, fit for stamina and with focus on correct breathing. Ideally this would be followed by some mindfulness practice and then light and warm breakfast. Also a great way to keep the digestive fire humming is to sip hot water throughout the day.

Why do a detox?

Before you go on a detox you should understand clearly your motivation. For example, if you are doing a detox with weight loss in mind, because you feel criticized, you are very likely to fail because the reason for your detox comes from the outside. Make sure you are 100% committed to your detox for reasons of better health and clarity of mind. Never go on a detox under pressure.


If you are struggling with your detox you are under stress. If the occasional feeling of hunger does not bother you too much and you can concentrate on doing things instead of thinking of food you are in a good place. If you are not obsessively pacing around the fridge thinking whether you should open it or not you should consider changing tactics

Why is detoxing important?

In ayurveda, one of the signature healing methods is detoxing – by toxins we mean undigested food particles both in GI-system and circulated in tissues by blood. Poor eating habits cause unwanted undigested food residue in the intestine. In an ayurvedic detox, the focus is always on clearing the full digestive tract and enhancing the function of enzymes of the digestive juices. The focus is on digestive tract because we are what we eat. We are also how we eat it.

What is ayurveda all about?

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system which promotes the balance between the individual and his or her environment. The balance is achieved firstly through achieving a state of relaxation so that the body and mind can heal themselves. Many recognise ayurveda through its highly relaxing body treatments and, in fact, they are used therapeutically to fasten the healing of the body and mind. In addition to treatments, ayurveda offers diet and lifestyle advice, herbs and different detox methods. All these techniques drive the body to heal itself, to re-educate the cells to repair and rejuvenate so that we achieve the full potential of human nature.

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