curieux-spagLocated in the Marais, the gay district in Paris, the Curieux Spaghetti Bar is every bit as flamboyant and into fashion as the residents of the quartier. Even the interior is enslaved to fashion – the wallpaper changes as often as the Paris catwalks. The atmosphere is young, fun and trendy, a sort of cheap and chic baroque mishmash of styles from the extra long red formica bar to the crystal chandeliers. The menu is quirky and original too, offering spaghetti for one, or to share, which arrives with a paper bib – not everyone has the manual dexterity of the Italians after all. The best time to visit has to be Friday or Saturday night when the staff dance along to the disco soundtrack and Paris’s hot young things come to eat and imbibe one or two of CSB’s delicious homemade ‘chup’ vodka shots.

14, Rue Saint Merri 75004 – Paris
01 42 72 75 97