streetstyleSuddenly, magazines are not the ones calling our attention to the latest fashions; bloggers are invited to the best events in Fashion Week. We can get our fashion fix whenever we want; real people, not editors or stylists, are the ones starting the trends.

What has happened to the fashion world?

Answer: Street style blogs.

The idea is pretty basic: photograph stylish people on the streets. However, it has changed how we access and view fashion information. Instead of waiting for the next installment of a magazine, followers can just go to the blogs and admire the pictures that are uploaded every day, sometimes every hour. This blogs are instantaneous; that’s definitely one of their appeals. They also bring us the best of the best from around the world, and not just the obvious fashion capitals. Countries like Russia, Israel, Argentina, Greece, South Africa, Iceland, and Turkey all have their own street style blogs, and each one brings a different perspective to the blogosphere.

Unlike fashion magazines, very few of these blogs are meant to be style guides. Only a handful ask their subjects where they bought the clothes that they are wearing. Street style blogs are meant as inspiration. Viewing picture after picture of well-dressed people does have an effect on anyone’s style sense in a way that viewing magazine after magazine doesn’t. Because street style subjects are real people and not airbrushed models trying to sell a product, these blogs feel down-to-earth. It becomes possible for anyone to dress in a stylish manner; matching pieces they already have in their own closets and not necessarily buying expensive brands.

blog-2Style blogs are also a way to do some trend spotting. Creative, unique, and fashion forward individuals are the ones who attract the lenses of the street style photographs first. The fashion industry sometimes just catches on the trends from these people and reinvents them for the catwalk. However once a trend is out, you can count on street style blogs to provide you with innovative ways to wear it.

These blogs are just the start to a whole new approach to fashion. The most famous bloggers like Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist or Garance Doré are now bringing their unique photography style to the fashion industry with ad campaigns and magazine photo shoots, respectively. Yvan Rodic from Facehunter is hosting his own show on Myspace. Other bloggers are just doing their thing, but they are definitely having an impact on the way we will see fashion in the future.