cross-clubCross Club is an absolute must for all fans of interior design, and industrial, or eclectic music. With chairs made out of car seats, strange glowing light fixtures and winding metal stair cases, its décor looks like a cross between something you’d see in Mad Max and Scrap-heap Challenge. This off the beaten track establishment may seem like a haven for the great unwashed and be-dreadlocked of Prague – and in a way, it is – but by being hidden away in the Hološivice area of the city, it’s a great place to hang out with local Czechs and expats in-the-know, and enjoy reasonably priced beer, without having to deal with the usual stag-party types that flood Wenceslas Square after dark.

Located a stone’s throw from Nádraží Holešovice station, the Cross Club began life as a private hangout with a strict “friends only” policy until a few years ago. Now a fully licensed club, its grungy origins are still detectable in the upstairs bar area, reached by winding your way through its maze-like corridors, past the various bars, music rooms and seating areas and up a steep, narrow staircase. Open from 4pm until whatever time everybody goes home, Cross Club offers a varied program of DJs and bands and is an ideal spot for those seeking a night of frenetic convulsive dancing to heavy industrial music on a week night. It’s also perfect for a chilled out afternoon beer drinking, chatting to locals and playing foosball, but is a dammed scary place to get lost on your own when drunk.
Cross Club
Plynární 23, Prague 10