massageSoaking away the stress in asses milk, Cleopatra was on a budget by today’s standards. From bathing in Evian to being slathered in Russia’s finest caviar, spas today have a catalogue of treatments on offer for those who have stacks of money lying around at home. If you don’t fancy smelling of fish or wasting water, the Brazilian Crème de Café massage at the (very reserved) La Réserve in Geneva is a luxury treatment without a caffeine buzz. And it certainly doesn’t cost the same as your average soy latte.

The massage begins with a slimming treatment (forget about the skinny latte – go full fat for once!) using Crème de Café, a product from the French Cinq Mondes range. This is followed by a firming allover body wrap with ochre clay and seaweed. The whole caboodle takes just under an hour and promises to leave you relaxed and svelte. After which you can enjoy the sumptuous spa facilites, play tennis, or go hunting for Swiss bankers. After your credit card sees the price, you may go for option three.

“Crème de Café” Brazilian Ritual – 190 CHF (around 130€)
La Réserve Genève