Once upon a time, applying foundation while wolfing down a piece of toast and quickly scanning your emails would have been unthinkable. And creating a smoky eye in the middle of a busy commuter train? Absolutely not. No, in the not-too-distant past, women had dressing tables where they would sit calmly and contemplate their reflection in elegant serenity. Caron’s range of loose powders harks back to that time to boudoirs and glamour girls.

The glossy golden compacts are truly exquisite, and you can easily imagine Rita Hayworth using one of these while sitting in front of her mirror and taking a moment to muse. The powders are made with a blend of natural ingredients and are carefully milled and sifted – which explains their light-as-air texture. The Classic blend has been used by actresses for decades, and provides a perfect matte finish – available in nine shades, with evocative names like ‘Gitane’ and ‘Noisette’. For more natural coverage, there’s a collection of six Transparent powders which give a light, sheer finish, as well as three iridescent shades for a shimmering evening effect. The finishing touch of indulgent boudoir loveliness? All of the powders are accompanied by an elegant goose down puff in ivory, palest pink or cobalt blue.

Carons’ loose powders are available to buy at Fortnum and Mason.


Caron’s range of exquisite golden compacts and light-as-air powders harks back to a bygone era of boudoirs and glamour girls…