It’s a real key moment for you and you’re feeling the pressure. That hot date/special occasion/important presentation/nerve-wracking interview is just around the corner, and you’re all ready. Homework completed, research done, dress purchased or nails painted – you’re prepared for this. And then… Out of the blue, the most monumentally humongous zit arrives. Sure, you have spots from time to time, but this thing would probably be visible if you checked for it on Google Maps. Quite honestly this is a spot that deserves its own postcode. It’s time to call in the Big Guns. From Korean skincare brand CosRX, the Pimple Master Patches are exactly what you need.

acne pimple master patch

A recent addition to Cult Beauty’s roster of skincare must-haves, these patches are typical of the cutting edge innovation we’ve come to expect from South Korean beauty brands over recent years. And the rather unassuming-looking little patches are rather clever in fact. Designed to help speed up the healing process and banish zits, the patches reduce inflammation and neutralise acne bacteria, while protecting against further infection. The hydrocolloid patches actually draw out impurities, so they’re effective even on cystic blemishes – those spots that start deep beneath the skin and take forever to disappear.

cosrx pimple master patch

Pop one on overnight and wait for the magic to happen, or as CosRX’s Pimple Master Patches are transparent, you can wear them under make-up. The pack includes patches in three different sizes to suit the varying magnitude of blemishes – from minor tremor to large-scale disaster, the crisis can be averted! In a handy resealable pack, they’re ideal for keeping in your handbag or desk drawer. Blemishes stopped in their tracks – let normal life recommence!

CosRX’s Pimple Master Patches are available to buy from Cult Beauty. If you like these, you should definitely try out the brand’s Blackhead Silk Finger Balls.