Feeling stressed, overworked, run-down or just plain old tired out? How often are you getting your eight hours a night? And if you are – is that eight hours of quality sleep, meaning you wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to attack the day ahead? In our busy, non-stop, burning-the-candle-at-both-ends lives, sleep may just have become the ultimate luxury. Hashtag this one with #middleclassproblems if you like, but what can we time-poor souls do about this lack of shut-eye? How does treating yourself to some proper me-time with a Sumptuous Sleep Retreat at London’s five-star Corinthia Hotel sound? “Leave your cares behind you,” they said – we didn’t need asking twice…

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After all, who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like a brand new person after a beautifully restful night’s sleep in a luxurious hotel bed – all crisp cotton sheets, perfectly comfortable mattress and cloud-like pillows? And this retreat is all that – and then some. The package has been created in consultation with the UK’s top sleep experts – who have put together a selection of experiences to ensure that you have the best sleep ever, ensuring you leave the Corinthia re-invigorated and re-energised.

The Sleep Retreat starts off in one of our favourite places in London: the hotel’s super-luxe ESPA Life spa. If you’ve never been here, pop it on your must-visit list pronto, even if it’s just for the day. There are spas, and then there are SPAS. This is the latter. Set over four floors and covering over 3,300 square metres, the Corinthia’s spa is a destination in its own right. Gargantuan size aside, it’s one truly exceptional space. All sumptuous black marble, chic cream-toned changing suites and magnificent state-of-the-art facilities, you could easily spend a whole weekend here and not get bored. Those facilities? A swimming pool, massage jet-equipped vitality pool, steam room, experience showers and spectacular glass-walled sauna are on offer for visitors, so there’s absolutely no excuse for not switching off. There’s an impressive gym too… But perhaps a treatment might help?

corinthia hotel espa life

espa life corinthia

Luxuriate and allow yourself to truly relax with the Sleep Ritual: two hours of blissful Balinese massage helping the stresses and strains of the daily grind to dissipate. Long, rhythmic strokes with fragrant ESPA oils calm and soothe while hot stones help muscles begin leave tension behind. We’re willing to bet you’ll have drifted off by the time the therapist gets round to the scalp massage.

If you can resist the temptation of popping your pyjamas on, there’s an expertly-crafted sleep-enhancing dinner on offer at The Northall restaurant. Conceived by nutritional therapist Jeannette Hyde, the Sleep Menu includes foods rich in relaxation-boosting magnesium, tryptophan (which is essential for melatonin production) and omega-3 essential fatty acids which are key to brain health. Otherwise there’s the hotel’s Massimo restaurant which serves up authentic Italian cuisine with a fine-dining edge. You really can’t go wrong with beautifully-presented antipasti, wonderful fresh pasta and seasonal grilled meat and fish. Creative, full of flavour and made with the finest produce. And those desserts… Massimo’s chef knows what he’s doing.

corinthia hotel massimo restaurant

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Back to the room, and if you’re feeling like you could relax just a little more, nothing beats a long soak in the tub. Run the water deep as you like, add a generous slug of ESPA bath oil and hop in – there’s even a TV if you fancy catching a film. The hotel’s handmade Hypnos beds (tagline: “the most comfortable beds in the world”) are the very same favoured by the Queen herself, while 300 thread-count bedlinen, goose down duvets and a pillow menu ensure you’ll have the most comfortable night’s sleep ever. Ready to get some shut-eye? You’ll find delicious pumpkinseed cookies and warm milk or herbal tea bedside, soothing you off to the land of nod…

Although the hotel is a stone’s throw from the bustle of Trafalgar Square, the Corinthia is surprisingly tranquil – it really does feel like an oasis of calm and serenity. It’s a wonder what blackout curtains and serious double glazing will do. That said, the lobby, restaurants and public spaces all exude the same sense of calm. The hotels’ central location means that it’s ideal for a stroll along the South Bank, heading to Covent Garden for theatre or the ballet or just popping along to Bond Street and some retail therapy. But back to the sleep therapy, if you please!

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Other sleep-boosting treatments on offer as part of the package include Sleep Osteopathy and Sleep Acupuncture, but a departure gift to yourself should be the Shirodhara treatment – post delicious breakfast, bien sur.  An ancient Ayurvedic practice, it involves a slow and steady flow of oil onto the forehead. Sounds perplexing and a little out there, we’ll grant you, but it’s perhaps the most relaxing and tranquil treatment you’ll ever experience. The gentle flow and subtle scent of the aromatherapy oils work together to simultaneously calm and soothe body and mind – it’s a curious sensation but one that you’ll never forget.

24 hours to switch off, rejuvenate and feel like a brand new you; the Corinthia’s sleep retreat really makes you realise just how important those eight hours are…

The Cortinthia’s Sleep Retreat package includes accommodation, lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as sleep-specific personalized treatments, and is priced from £758 for 1 person. The package is bookable via +44 (0)20 7321 3000 or emailing reservations.london@corinthia.com. For more information, see The Corinthia’s website.