518,640 is the number of eggs cracked annually in the Claridge’s kitchen. That is almost the same figure as the population of Cornwall. 298,667 oranges are squeezed; 69,625 breakfasts are served… It’s safe to say the five-star London hotel knows a thing or two about cooking. And so it’s rather surprising that it’s taken 200 years for it to launch its first cookbook. But what a suitably regal-looking mint green and embossed gold objet Claridge’s: The Cookbook is.

As much a collection of recipes, as it is a look behind the scenes of this luxury establishment, which has seen many a Hollywood star, royal, and political figure walk through its elegant art deco doors over the years. With further endorsement from Noma chef Rene Redzepi, who speaks of his love for Claridge’s (and said eggs – Burford Browns, in case you’re interested) in the foreword. It’s a hotel known as much for its stand-out service – captured in the 2012 BBC Two docu-series, Inside Claridge’s – as it is for its Christmas tree collaborations with fashion folk including Christopher Bailey and John Galliano.

After a Brief History and Claridge’s by the Numbers (where I picked up those interesting nuggets), the book takes you on an epicurean journey through Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea (for which they receive an outstanding 22,000 telephone requests for per annum), Cocktails (with a page of delicious bar snacks sneaked in), Dinner and Dessert.

It’s an elegant depiction, with the glossiest photographs. I’m particularly fond of the double-page fold out on The Fumoir, featuring a line-up of some of the truly marvellous-looking mixology served in the hotel bar. Elsewhere among the 250 pages, there are sections purely for fun – for example, ‘How to host dinner for 100 (or more)’ – and other etiquettal fodder: Claridge’s Five Sandwich Rules, so one doesn’t do anything terribly embarrassing such as getting the bread to filling ratio wrong. I jest. It’s not a book that takes itself seriously – there’s just as much wit as wisdom.

Claridge’s: The Cookbook is sure to please those who want to up their game a little, or simply salivate over the thought of eating such delights; turning the pages as they tuck into a packet of Sainsbury’s-own pink wafers. It’s as much a delightful coffee table read, as it is a practical guide to mastering the basics (see scrambled eggs), with some aspirational recipes to test you (Hay-smoked Venison Loin; Lobster Wellington; delicious-looking sourdough donuts), and cosy dishes I imagine to be room service favourites of regular guests, such as the creamy Chicken Pie and rich, slow-cooked Claridge’s Bolognese. I for one can’t wait to give their Christmas pudding a go.

The clean recipe lay-out and simple, clearly-explained instructions, will have novices cooking to Claridge’s standards in no time. And if not, it’s a good excuse to don your finest, nip down to Mayfair and enjoy the real thing.

Published by Mitchell Beazley, Claridge’s: The Cookbook is available to buy online here.