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These days, you might struggle to find a subject that hasn’t been blogged in one way or another. My Milk Toof follows the adventures of a pair of, er, fictitious milk teeth in series’ of bizarre yet endearing photographs; Photoshop Disasters looks at, well, just that and we’ve all seen those Lol cats, haven’t we?

Over recent years, blogging has become spectacularly popular, proving itself more and more to be a credible platform for up and coming, passionate writers. Most recently, fashion bloggers have gained lots of press attention, with young enthusiasts such as ‘Style Rookie’ Tavi Gevinson, getting front-row access to top runway shows and others like ‘Mademoiselle Robot’ Laetitia Wajnapel featuring as style adjudicators on shows like T4’s Frock Me.

But there’s another kind of writer being celebrated right now and that’s the cinema blogger. With access to press screenings and events as well as herds of followers, movie bloggers across the web are becoming increasingly respected as industry insiders

The beauty of blogging is the freedom it gives to those that wish to publicise their own interests. Therefore, it only makes sense that we not only look as some of the most popular movie blogs out there, but also sneak a peek at some of the more focussed sites that concentrate on particular aspects of cinema.

And if all that weren’t enough, we’ve included a couple of film reviewing old-timers whose movie musings are always worth checking out.

So, without further ado, read on for our pick of the best movie blogs around.

Our Top Cinema Blogs


Yes, that’s a reference to one of our favourite movies of the eighties – The Goonies – which, might we begin, is a sure-fire way to make us fall in love with your blog. Founded by Jon Lyus and David Sztypuljak in 2008 as a platform to pay tribute to their favourite movies from the past and present, HeyUGuys has since become one of the more popular sites for instant film news, honest reviews and video interviews. The 11-strong team also offer great coverage of red carpet events.

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Ultra Culture

If it’s brutal honesty you’re after then head to Ultra Culture: ‘the UK’s greatest movie blog.’ That declaration might be self-proclaimed but we’re quite tempted to agree. Giving snapshot reviews of the UK’s latest trailers and feature releases, creator Charlie Lyne offers witty opinions on all things film – from movie posters to fellow critics.

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The Playlist

Dedicated to bringing you the latest, in-depth reports on all film news and latest releases, The Playlist also covers film scores and movie soundtracks and is a must-read for those after detailed and up-to-date articles on all the latest silver-screen gossip. The Blogger site might be down at that moment but not ones to be deterred, The Playlist have created a temporary replacement: The Playlist Nation. Thank goodness for that.

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Sciretta: an influential cinema blogger


Peter Sciretta – listed as one of Total Film magazine’s most influential people in film – heads the team at /Film, a widely respected movie blog that first started out back in 2005. As well as the regular news and reviews postings, we favour the site’s regular feature: ‘Big Director’s Small Films’, which profiles short films – old and new – from directors most prominently known for their feature-lengths. /Film was also announced as Total Film’s Best Major Movie Blog at the end of last year. Well-deserved, we say.

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Speciality Movie Blogs

Horror:  Fatally Yours

The brainchild of Sarah Jahier, Fatally Yours is a hub of all things horror. Not just limited to feature-lengths, the site also includes write-ups on short films, TV programmes and even the occasional novel. Log on for frequent interviews with filmmakers and authors.

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Women: Women & Hollywood

This thought-provoking site focuses on women in the film business and how exactly they’re getting on in such a male-dominated world. Less reviews, more news this one veers on the serious side, featuring statistics on the state of women in Hollywood and the like.

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DVD: The Criterion Contraption

You know the Criterion Collection? That massive series of classic films released on laser disc and DVD? Well, Matthew Dessem is aiming to get through them all in their order of release and is documenting the journey via his blog, The Criterion Contraption. Expect in-depth analyses and fantastic screen shots in each essay entry which – according to Dessem’s interview with Christopher Zane – is normally a result of around 15 hours work. Now that’s a labour of love.

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Celebrated European Films: European Film Awards Reviews

Written by James Drew and Colin Moors of Picture Nose, European Film Award Reviews does exactly what it says on the tin and more, featuring write-ups on nominated and awarded movies of the EFA’s, nomination news regarding up-coming awards ceremonies and occasional interviews with influential European filmmakers. A great resource for those keen on learning more about European cinema: both past and present.

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Lost Highway's ratings system...

B-Movies and Cult film – Lost Highway

Guiding us through the very best and worst in B-movies is Lost Highway, giving us humourous insights into the latest and greatest. Be sure to read right the way to the bottom of each review as the ‘Lost Highway Totals’ works as a quick 10/10 reference, relating to the appearance of the all-important ‘3b’s’ in each featured movie: blood, beasts and breasts, that is. Also make sure you check out the ‘B-movie Survival Tips’ for an entertaining reminder of those cringey movie clichés.

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Personal Favourites: A Petrified Fountain

Aside from his other online work relating to the movie world, Scott Jordan Harris is also responsible for A Petrified Fountain, his personal blog which analyses all the films that he firmly believes deserve a watch. Intelligent and inspiring, each piece is passionate and articulately written. If you’re not quite sold yet, then take a tip from Movie critic and industry legend, Roger Ebert, who featured Harris in his latest blog post as one of the internet writers that he admires.

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The Pros

Roger Ebert’s Journal

Ah, the aforementioned Roger Ebert. The film critic of all film critics, if you will. Once presenter of three American TV shows alongside the late Gene Siskel, Ebert has written numerous books on the subject of film and he continues to write his own column at Chicago Sun-Times, reviewing the latest releases in theatres and on DVD. For us, and many others, Ebert’s Journal is a must-read.

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Kermode Uncut

See what the outspoken Dr. has to say outside of the BBC Five Live studio. Mark Kermode’s twice-weekly video blog does cover his latest reviews but sees additional videos uploaded; showing him air new thoughts in a conversational manner which invites the viewer to argue their own views in the comments section.

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