Chapeau Rouge, which was until recently known as Chateau Rouge, is hidden away amid the labyrinthine backstreets of Prague’s Old Town and is always teeming with tourists and expats alike. This is partly due to its perennial presence in guide books, but also thanks to its reputation as the go-to place to buy weed. While cannabis is not legal in the Czech Republic no-one seems to mind it being smoked in bars and clubs like Chapeau, which does have something of a dive-bar feel to it, so feel free to dress down and leave your stilettos at the hotel/hostel.

Seediness aside, Chapeau Rouge does have one of the most interesting and varied music programs in the city, with 4 bars and 2 stages spread across its 3 floors. On the top floor (at ground level) there are two bars, and a DJ usually playing some form of funky house, or break beat. This floor is always full of friendly travellers, but is somewhat lacking in bar stools and has no designated space for dancing. Walk down to the 1st basement floor and there is another large bar, foosball tables, a few tables and some couches surrounding the dance floor, where you’ll find several of the city’s resident and visiting party-animals dancing away anything from hip-hop to electro. Walk down another set of stairs to the 2nd basement floor, and you’ll find a small bar, and a cosy, intimate space used for gigs and the odd poetry reading, however this area is only open on nights when there is something on.

All in all, Chapeau can be relied upon for two things: plenty of party people and magnificent mojitos.

Chapeau Rouge
Jakubsk√° Prague 1,